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Best durian candy in Davao City is by Lola Abon’s

So I was in Davao City a few days ago to accompany one of my mom’s classes. It was a quick, day-long tour and included in our agenda were Davao Crocodile Park (I’ll blog about this next), Ateneo de Davao University college campus and of course…a visit to my favorite durian candy store in my hometown – Lola Abon’s.

lola abons

My brothers and I grew up knowing that if you want durian candy, eat Lola Abon’s products. Nothing else. Don’t settle for those sold in bus terminals or in grocery stores. Lola Abon’s made the best durian candy products. That’s it.

Lola Abon died years ago but my brothers and I met her. This was way back when her “store” was basically her home garage and her workers were hidden behind a curtain just a few steps away. Whenever we visit her store and buy her candies, we were always given extra pieces. Lola was a very amiable lady.

So whenever we had guests or if my cousins’ classes had to tour Davao and wanted to buy “pasalubong,” we always, ALWAYS brought them to Lola Abon’s. There were times when some would just settle for those sold in terminals but they end up asking their classmates for pieces of Lola Abon’s products. It was simply good and worth the money.

lola abon durian candy store

Fortunately, it looks like my mom’s students agree with me 🙂

Lola Abon’s is located at 23 San Miguel Village, Matina, Davao City (right across the GSIS office, take two blocks…you won’t miss it since the store is already well-known at that area).

I suggest that apart from durian candies, you also purchase mangosteen products. Very, very tasty!

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