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Kimmy Dora was hilarious! Congratulations Eugene Domingo and Spring Films!

This is a long-delayed post, I know, since I’m pretty sure most of you have already watched this film (if you haven’t yet, you’re missing a whole damn lot!!!) However, I still want to write about this since I gave my word to Erickson Raymundo (one of the producers of the film, along with fellow Spring Films people Joyce Bernal and Piolo Pascual) that I’ll write about this. Kimmy Dora Kambal Sa Kiyeme was so damn funny, wasn’t it?

Erickson, you were right on the money! 🙂


Hearty congratulations to Eugene Domingo (you were so fab! I think you’re the only Pinay actress who successfully made my mom laugh so damn hard! LOL), Dingdong Dantes, Zanjoe Marudo (hello, six pack!), Miriam Quiambao (you surprised me!), Ariel Ureta and Baron Geisler!

My mom and I watched this flick in one of the theaters here in Mindanao. Eugene was so funny and Muy (the scene stealer maid of the rich Kimmy), who, incidentally, is Piolo’s real life personal assistant, was funny, too! My favorite part of the movie was when Ariel (Kimmy and Dora’s father) wanted to talk to both his daughters. Major laugh trip!!!

For those of you who have yet to watch the flick, Kimmy Dora is the tale of polar-opposite twin sisters, Kimmy and Dora (doh). Both of them are heiresses to the large Go Dong Hae fortune. And, of course, both of them are “linked” to the handsome Johnson, played by Dingdong Dantes.

Basta…if you haven’t watched this film yet, well there’s really one thing you ought to do…YOU MUST WATCH NOW NA! Kimmy Dora is by far the highest grossing independently produced film and I think it’s still showing in several theaters nationwide.

Mindanaoan recommends Kimmy Dora! 🙂

What about you…where you able to watch it? What are your thoughts about the film?

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