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Fetching Shamrock and tips on a road trip with artists or celebrities

Anyhoo…it has been a crazy time the past few days but it’s all worth it! Mindanaoan had fun fetching Shamrock, the almost 3-hour road trip was fun as well and the show itself was very successful!

Kuwentos about the show will be posted on another entry, though. For now, I’d like to share some of my personal thoughts and tips for budding event organizers out there or budding personal assistants for celebrities or artists. These tips will come in handy when you need to fetch performers, celebrities or artists from the airport, pier, bus terminal etc. and then if you need to go on a road trip (if the venue of the concert, let’s say, is about 3 hours away)

Please feel free to share your thoughts, too!

1. Always check and re-check the booking contract. See if the artists or celebrities require DUTY MEALS. If they do, then see if it’s feasible to bring packed meals or if it’s wiser to bring them to a restaurant before you proceed to the concert venue or hotel.

2. Always bring contingency funds.

3. Always bring a first aid kit and some medicines (paracetamol, aspirin etc)

4. Always ask the driver (if you’re bringing a vehicle, let’s say) to check the fuel tank (some drivers will raise their eyebrows at you and will insist that the vehicle has enough gas…but INSIST on this. The last thing you want to happen is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because your vehicle ran out of gas!)

5. Be at the airport or pier or bus terminal at least 30 minutes before the ETA (expected time of arrival). That’s enough time for you to ask around, let your driver find a good parking spot and coordinate with the artists or their road manager or personal assistants (just in case they’ve already arrived and are at the baggage area already)

6. Bring several bottles of mineral water and if need be, bring sandwiches, too. There’s always a possibility that the celebrity or artist will go hungry during the road trip and will ask for food.

7. Be aware of where the police stations, hospitals and halfway houses are. Artists may require for washroom breaks, too.

8. Have a back-up plan like whom to call just in case your vehicle breaks down.

9. Check your itinerary. If and when the artists or celebrities need to do something like a radio station visit or guesting or motorcade, check if it’s wiser to go to their hotel first, have their stuff checked in or if it’s all right to go directly to the radio station or join the motorcade. You must coordinate with the celebrities’ road manager or PA for this. Also, just in case the artist wouldn’t comply (some celebrities will turn into snotty divas and will insist that they skip some commitments), remind them of their booking contract and of the terms stated there.

10. HAVE FUN AND BRING A BIG SMILE! Performers, artists, celebrities like to see a smiling face after a tiring trip.

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