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Earning money online? Here’s how to get the highest paying CPA rates

Being an SEO consultant, professional blogger and outsourcing agency owner, I am often asked by a lot of people especially newbie bloggers/webmasters for sites or online companies where they can earn money online. I usually recommend a few and that short list includes MaxBounty.

Max Bounty offers the highest paying CPA rates. MaxBounty affiliates can earn revenue from advertisers on a pay-for-performance basis.

Here are just some of the things that I like about Max Bounty:

– they have both in-house managed campaigns and tons of merchants (unlike most affiliate networks that solely rely on merchants or advertisers, Max Bounty has their own campaigns so there are more chances for affiliates to earn money online)

– they offer international affiliate payments in local currency (I bet a lot of you out there are now very curious about this!)

– they offer real time statistics (so you can easily check your campaign’s performance)

– they offer second-tier referral income

and my most favorite of all:

– they have a very pleasant, prompt and responsive affiliate support team.

My affiliate rep actually called me to verify the information I sent them when I first applied. That alone shows how professional they are and how eager they are to welcome affiliates who are really interested to promote products online and earn money the legit and fast way.

So there you go…I hope you don’t need more reasons before you finally sign up with MaxBounty. Go ahead and click the banner below and sign up. You will be very glad you did. Join and earn the highest CPAs in the market.
Click here for details

Good luck on your campaigns and don’t forget to let me know how it goes!

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  • Kevin Paquet

    Is it just me or are you running on a new theme?
    Well, good luck with your pursue on earning money and thanks for the tips.
    I still stick around with my motto: Blog because you want to, not because you want to earn.

    I don’t mind if I see 3 fat zeroes with a dot after the first null in my adsense day by day 😀

    Mabuhay Kabataan!

    Kevin Paquet’s last blog post..Mabuhay! Buhay Kabataan!

  • Kevin Paquet

    Another tip that I would like to leave, don’t add more than 3 ad units (ad sense) on a page, it’s against the ToS of Ad Sense.

    Hoping to hear from you 😀

    Kevin Paquet’s last blog post..You’re not a blogger!

  • Hey there,

    Nope, I’m still using the new Revolution Church theme. I just did a lot of major tweaks kaya it looks different somehow 🙂

    I do agree with the “blog because you want to” bit. It’s just that I’ve been asked by a lot of people especially newbie bloggers/webmasters and I guess I simply had to share some tips and online money earning avenues whenever I can.

    Congrats on your new site!

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