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How a single letter can make a difference

I couldn’t help but take a photo of this during my trip to Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao over the weekend. I was crossing the street when I spotted this sign at the back of a van. The word “Legislators” first caught my attention – the letters were huge, red and attractive. Unfortunately, when I studied the sign further, I saw something wrong. Can you find what I saw?

A single misspelled word can really make or break a lot of things – even an organization’s sign/placard. Just when I was supposed to be impressed, I was immediately disappointed with what I saw.

I had a lot of questions, too — who made that sign/placard? Why did the National Movement of Young Legislators allow such blunder? How much did the group spend for a misspelled sign? Didn’t they check beforehand or at least request the supplier to issue new signs?

What I found amusing (and confusing at the same time!) was the fact that the owner of the vehicle (who I hope really is a member of the National Movement of Young Legislators) still displayed the sign for everyone else to see. Didn’t the owner feel uncomfortable placing a misspelled sign? (a supposedly important one at that?) Didn’t that reflect the organization or the members somehow?

I mean, seriously, they could have just appended the thing with a strip of paper with the correctly spelled word, yes?

Personally, I cannot fathom “showing off” a sign that had misspelled word/s. It’s just not right, IMHO. I feel that it says something about me and about my tolerance for things that I know very well I can correct in the first place.

Better to chuck that sign or at least make an effort to make it look right rather than show the world that you absolutely need to go polish your spelling skills.

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