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My guaranteed stress-buster: Free browser-based online games

The world has changed so much. Many, if not all, of the people I know have had to change their lifestyles, their places of work, their livelihood, and even their family dynamics in order to deal with the challenges of today. This pandemic has also forced all of us to undergo quarantine and look for many, various ways to deal with the stress that goes along with this. In my case, I also faced a lot of challenges and had to look for “positive” methods that could help me beat mental stress.

One of my tried-and-tested ways is to take breaks in between work and indulge in my favorite online games. I treat this as a “prize” for successfully accomplishing some tasks and errands. Luckily, I recently discovered a site that offered free browser-based online games.

Plays.org is perfect – not only are there hundreds of free games across every genre but the games are unblocked free HTML games that you and I can play directly in your web browser with no required app downloads. You don’t even have to register or set up a user account or upgrade. None of that hullaballoo! Just go right ahead, choose any game and enjoy. Simple.

The site adds more games everyday (check out the site footer for the category-based navigation for their game collection) but I have my favorites – Tetris (yes, I know, I’m “old school” ha!) and Tap Supermarket Grocery Store Simulation Game!

I play Tetris when I only have a 15-minute maximum break and Tap Supermarket when I have an hour or so to spare.

Their Tetris game UI is smooth, understandable and just like our good ol’ favorite console game. The game effects are nice, too! I don’t know about you but I like super simple games that can help stimulate the brain even for just several minutes.

As for Tap Supermarket, however, hooboy! I love, love, love simulation games like this one — keeps us on our toes and keep our minds alert! Tap Supermarket is where players need to keep a grocery store running smoothly. Go check this out. I like the design and color scheme, too!

Playing ad-free online games especially free ones that I can play right in my browser is a guaranteed stress-buster. Maybe this can be yours, too. Of course, playing online games isn’t the total answer to the challenges of today but if it helps at least bring a little joy, then that’s awesome.

Today and always, let’s all strive to be kind and helpful to one another.

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