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Overlooking Mangima zigzag “bitukang manok” Manolo Fortich Mindanao

It was a beautiful Sunday – a great day for a drive. I’ve always been curious of this grill restaurant that sits atop Mangima zigzag road also known as the “bitukang manok” in Mindanao so off we went to check out Maena’s Grill.

You can’t miss it. If you’re driving towards Cagayan de Oro City, traversing Sayre Highway, and you’re about to survive Mangima road, Maena’s Grill is on your left. Just a few meters away from the last curve. Now if you’re driving from Manolo Fortich, it’ll be on your right and just a few meters away from where you’ll first descend towards Mangima zigzag.

They serve lechon kawali, grilled tuna, pansit canton, pares, bulalo, nilaga and pasta dishes. I didn’t get to scan their entire menu. We were there for the view. And it was a nice one. We could see the vehicles that inched their way along Mangima zigzag road (they looked like little Hot Wheels!) and the view of the mountains and trees was equally lovely.

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