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Helpful Tips When Visiting Family In Canada

Having family living in another country like Canada is taxing, but it can be necessary for your loved ones to have a career they love, receive specialized education and much more.

There are some things you need to keep in mind when planning to visit Canadian permanent residents or citizens for extended periods such as visas, insurance, and costs as well as all the fun activities and sights you can indulge in during your trip.

Visas and Insurance

Canada offers special visas and insurance to parents and grandparents of permanent residents which allows them to visit for between one and two years. These are called Super Visas and have different benefits and requirements than other types of visitor visas. For one thing, you will need to purchase a Super Visa insurance plan to cover your healthcare, hospitalization and repatriation should you need those services.

Costs and Travel

In addition to a Super Visa, or other travel visas, and insurance, you will also need to pay for the trip to Canada as well as transportation and lodging once you get there. If you are visiting from the United States, this can be as easy as securing your visa and driving up to the border in your own vehicle. The Canadian dollar is usually worth a little less than the US one, so many things seem much more affordable there. It is still a good idea to check conversion rates and exchange money before you go. You can also contact your credit and debit card issuers to see if those are accepted in Canada in the same ways.

Sights and Activities

Canada has activities to meet a huge variety of interests, skill levels and budgets. Whether you want to see the Celebration of Light in Vancouver, which is the world’s largest fireworks competition, or cross from the US to Canada at Niagara Falls and witness the roaring thunder of the world’s largest waterfalls, there are activities and sights designed to leave you with a lifetime of amazing memories. Planning these things out in advance can give you the best option to see everything as well as get you excited for the trip.

Visiting family in Canada for extended periods is a good way to see your children and grandchildren grow up, experience the country for all the historical and cultural splendor it offers and make memories together. You can apply for a Super Visa and get an insurance plan to cover your stay and any medical issues which may arise while you are there.

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