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Got featured on Philippine Star!

I’m in my very early 40’s and I haven’t seen my “original” hair color in a very long time. By that, I mean I’ve been coloring my hair often for many years now — turning it blonde, ash gray, pink, red and purple! Currently, my hair is platinum blonde mixed with gray. You can see some of my current photos on my Instagram.

Anyway, the reason why I mentioned my age is because, as a professional publicist, social media specialist and blogger, I always receive comments that my hair should also “look” professional. I often think that what they probably meant was that my hair should be the ubiquitous black or brown. Maybe the most extreme would be to have highlights and that’s about it. Nothing crazy like pink hair!

Alas, I’m not one who conforms just so I can fit in. I have long concluded that I’m not fond of routines and that for things as personal as hair/hair color/hairstyle, shouldn’t one be bold and do whatever hell they want because, well, hello, life is too damn short?!

I guess some folks appreciated my way of thinking because someone from Philippine Star / approached me and told me they wanted to include me in an article that featured Filipinas who were brave and bold!

It was an article about breaking free from what society says is the norm.

“As a Mindanaoan, I want to advocate for peace using social media. I aim to use my voice as loud as my ever-changing hairstyle.”

You can read the article here. Thank you very much, Philippine Star and to my friend Maan!

And to all the lovely ladies out there — regardless of your age, profession, preferred hair color and whatnot — please stick to your guns and embrace who you are. It’s the road to happiness.

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