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5 Tips to Prepare Your Home Before Vacationing Out of the Country

When you go on a vacation, the weeks leading up to it can be absolutely nerve-racking! For one, you’re overly excited about the trip. Two, it seems like time just drags by and that magical day will never come.

You experience this type of feeling when you’re traveling from state to state, but when you’re traveling to an entirely different country, the excitement is almost uncontrollable. There’s just something unexplainable about visiting a different country. It’s like they have the same type of thing that you would see anywhere else, but it’s so different.

The Disneyland in Hong Kong is so different than the Disneyland in California… they’re so different but similar in so many ways as well. For example, It’s a Small World ride in Hong Kong is totally different than the one Paris, even though it’s the same ride! Outside of the language differences, the structure of it is different too! To experience those types of cultural differences is an amazing and life-changing moment, and that’s how you truly enjoy your vacation.

The thought of experiencing a different culture, language, and different foods just bring about a myriad of emotions. But before you can even think about any type of fun, you have to take care of home first. There are some minor things you must do to prevent yourself from experiencing any type of frustrations or further exhaustion when you come back from your vacation. So before you start your vacation of worldly adventures, be sure you don’t leave home without doing these things first.

Wash Dishes

If you already don’t like washing dishes, then you really wouldn’t enjoy coming home to a sink full of dirty ones, especially when you’ll be coming back from a vacation where you didn’t have to wash a single dish. It’s just a better idea to go ahead and wash whatever dishes you have before you leave for your trip. Doing so will also prevent any bugs like cockroaches, from taking a vacation in your home while you’re on vacation yourself.

Make Up Your Bed

This might sound like common sense, but you know what they say… common sense isn’t so common! If people don’t make up their beds before they go to work each day, what makes you think they’ll make it up before they go on a vacation?

Dispose of Any Food That Can Go Bad

Before vacations, people tend to forget to clean out their refrigerator. It’s definitely something very easy to do just for the simple fact that you eat from there every day, and even the day that you leave, you probably will be eating from the fridge. Now, if you have a fresh gallon of milk, you don’t want to throw that out, but any type of leftovers that you know will go bad while you’re gone… go on and get rid of them.

Don’t forget to remove all fruit from your fruit basket. When fruit rots they leave a slime behind and fruit flies, which are hard to get rid of.

Ask Family or a Neighbor to Keep an Eye on Your Home

This is an important aspect of pre-planning for your vacation. Vacations and trips away from home are what criminals look for, that’s why it’s important to lets someone you trust, know that you’re going out of town so that they can keep an eye on your home, even if you have an alarm system. This will make it look like someone is still living there, in hopes of running off potential thieves.

Take Out All the Trash

If you leave for vacation without taking out your trash, get ready for a rude awakening when you get back. You can expect to come home to flies, gnats, and an unbearable smell of expired garbage… save yourself the agony and just take the trash out!

Come Home, Relax, and Relive the Luxury!

Now that your vacation is over, you have to come home and get back to reality. Soon as you walk in the door, you immediately miss the room service, the sunny weather, and the overall fun you had. You bought enough souvenirs to keep the vacation memory alive, but it’s just not enough to bring the vacation back home with you… look on the bright side though… you came home to a clean house!!!

Well, what if I told you that there were a few aspects of your vacation that you can bring home with you? Interested? Ok so here they are. You know how all the 5-star hotels have the bedding that you just melted in? Well, you can bring the luxury sleeping experience home.

People always say that they sleep better in their hotels than they do at home, and have a hard time figuring out why that is. Well, I’m here to tell you this little-known travel secret, and your better sleeping experience is due to the bedding.

You have to understand, when you stay at an upscale hotel, every aspect about it is going to be upscale about it down to the bedding. So if you enjoyed your vacation that much and want to carry some of it home with you, invest in luxury bedding!

Don’t forget the decor that you fell in love with. You can bring back a piece from your trip or just the inspiration so you can redecorate your home.

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