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Men’s Shoes That Draw Women’s Attention

To determine the social group of a person, it is enough to look at their shoes. Often, shoes are the main style-forming element of the image and a bright red sign of taste and character. So, men who are interested in single women dating should pay special attention to this moment. The most sexual men adhere to strict and noble style, and their shoes are their main weapon (except for manners). So, what shoes you should choose to draw the attention of charming girls?

Oxford Shoes

When you wear Oxfords, you are a little closer to the image of James Bond. Initially, this shoe was only for students, but over time, Oxfords have turned into number one shoe for any solemn event: social events, weddings or business meetings. Oxfords are easy to determine: these are classical shoes or low ankle boots with a small heel. The uppers of Oxfords usually consist of the quarters and the vamp. Its type of lacing is called “closed” because of the sewn or glued bottom.

How can you distinguish Oxfords?
Just look at the seam: this is the junction of the sock and the quarters. Wear them with the classic pants and classic high socks.

Brogue Shoes

They were designed specifically for large-scale farmers and herders who walked on wet grass. Today, Brogue shoes are almost the works of art and an indispensable attribute of a confident man and his classic style of dressing. Any boots and shoes with perforation (holes) can be considered Brogue shoes.

However, note that true Brogue shoes always have laces. Choose socks which are either the color of the pants or don’t wear them at all. And if you turn up the ends of your pans a little, your classic look will turn into a casual one.

Loafer Shoes

The shoes were invented for King George VI so that he could walk comfortably at home: they are easy to wear, easy to take off, and there is no need to tie anything. Nowadays, they are widely available and are considered a traditional accessory for an informal atmosphere. You can easily distinguish them from other types of shoes because Loafer shoes always have a low heel and don’t have laces, and there is a belt or tassels near the vamp. You should choose socks of contrasting color or not put them on at all.

Monk Shoes

As you might guess, these shoes come from monasteries and abbeys. A special form of a fastener was developed for priests who were quite mean, and it was initially made of textiles for reasons of costs. Now, these fasteners complement the casual style and look favorably both in the warm and in the cold seasons. Monk shoes have one or two large buckles with a strap. As a rule, they are without shoelace. The choice of socks depends on the number of buckles and shoe material, for example, if there are two of them, then you should choose high socks.

Moccasin Shoes

The traditional shoes of North American Indians can replace Loafer shoes. Moccasins are the same lightweight walking shoes with a large seam on the toe and without laces; they are easy to put on and take off. Traditionally, moccasins are made of leather or suede, and they are suitable for jeans and pants. However, do not wear them with sweatpants if you want to attract beautiful girls. As a rule, nobody wears socks with moccasins.

Derby Shoes

They are the main opponent of Oxfords for popularity. This is a more casual version of classic shoes, but it is better to wear Oxfords to see the queen to be on the safe side. Derby shoes are with an “open” type of lacing. This means that the sidewalls (quarters) are sewn over the toe — you can freely recline them.

They, like their more conservative brothers, can be tall and short. Classic colors are the same: black and brown. Put on classic dark high socks.

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