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SnippetMEdia introduces blockchain technology in Philippine digital media landscape

SnippetMEdia has come a long way. I first learned about this mobile app (available in both iOS and Android) last year. Now, after a year providing curated content to over 800,000 users, SnippetMEdia has stepped up to take on the challenges plaguing both content creators and advertisers by launching the SnippetMedia Blockchain – the first blockchain media platform in the Philippines. Blockchain is a technology developed to structure data. Blockchain is set to change and improve the way various fields operate — from network security, to identity authentication, e-commerce, intellectual property protection, and so much more.

In partnership with Superiex, a China-based digital asset trading platform, SnippetMEdia will establish a
first-of- its-kind ad platform built upon a blockchain. What does this mean? The blockchain will ensure that its advertising partners get unprecedented clarity and transparency on the performance of their campaigns and access to more granular analytics. This is definitely good news for SnippetMEdia advertisers since they get more value for their ad spend by using an efficient, smarter and definitely trustworthy advertising system.

Advertisers would just need to purchase tokens from Superiex to participate and post campaigns secured by Smart Contracts, a special digital contract that executes its terms when specified conditions are met.

snippet media blockchain

If you’re still confused as to how a blockchain works – think of it this way. Today, transactions are verified by a central authority like a government or a bank. Blockchains, on the other hand, are designed to replace these centralized systems with decentralized ones, where the verification comes from thousands of volunteer computers (called nodes) around the world that come to an agreement on which transactions are valid.

The network is automatically informed whenever someone makes a transaction, prompting the computers to run complex computations to determine if the transaction is valid. If it is, they create a block and a public log of what actually changed, when and how.

Pretty interesting, right? And SnippetMEdia and Superiex have teamed up and are at the forefront!

SnippetMEdia will solely be responsible for setting the rules, creating marketing tools, providing media copyright protection and traceability, rewarding content creators and distributors, and assisting in the completion of asset circulation platform. With the help of Superiex’s expertise in blockchain technology, SnippetMEdia aspires to further expand its services, with the end goal of helping and bringing Filipino independent content creators to the forefront via SnippetMEdia mobile app.


If you’re wondering if content creators will also benefit from this, SnippetMEdia expects that the same Smart Contracts will also be game changing for content creators. With the SnippetMEdia Blockchain, creatives can timestamp and store their content with a unique ID. This creates a transparent, unchangeable audit trail showing who has permission to see a particular piece of content, track it and prevent modification.

What could be the most exciting part of the SnippetMEdia Blockchain for creators is rewarding their content instantly whenever they meet specified milestones and other usage conditions. And because their content is backed up by Smart Contracts, rewards are dispensed automatically and instantaneously at a near-zero cost.

Something to look forward to!

Check out SnippetMEdia for updates.

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