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Club Clio Korean Beauty Brand New York USA opening

Hello from New York! I actually vlogged about the Club Clio Union Square New York reopening first so apologies if this blog is a tad late 😀 Anyhoo, I was invited to check out the grand reopening of the Club Clio USA Union Square New York branch late last year. It was an invitation I simply cannot turn down! For one, I absolutely love Korean stuff. They’re high quality, very cute, fun and definitely value-for-money. Secondly, I have visited Korea and needless to say, I fell in love! It’s a beautiful, modern country with amazing food, friendly people and rich culture. Check out my Mindanaoan In Korea travel series. Thirdly, it’s a beauty event invitation for me as a blogger in New York! Enough said 😉

Anyways, for the uninitiated, Club Clio is a very popular Korean cosmetics line, represented by, among others, Sandara Park of 2NE1 fame (a.k.a. the original Krung Krung who rose to fame via Star Circle Quest). From color cosmetics to foundations, BB creams, to eyeliners and skincare, Club Clio is a one-stop shop to check out the hottest Korean makeup and skincare items.

Club Clio’s brands include Clio Professional, PeriPera and Goodal. Clio Professional is a makeup brand renowned for its iconic eyeliners. PeriPera, on the other hand, has mostly stuff geared towards the younger crowd. Goodal, meanwhile, is their skincare brand. I’ll talk more about their products on a separate blog post. For now, let me show you what happened during the Club Clio NYC launch.

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Wasn’t that exciting? I’m sure y’all K-Beauty fans are all excited to go visit the nearest Club Clio store! Before you do that, though, again…please CLICK HERE so you can easily subscribe to my vlog 🙂

Who knows…I might be in the mood to hold a Korean beauty / makeup giveaway soon 😉

club clio new york

club clio new york

club clio new york

club clio new york

Now if you’re planning to finally visit Korea, may I invite you to check out my Mindanaoan In Korea travel series? I visited that lovely country not so long ago and you can definitely see why I fell in love with Korea in my posts. CLICK >>> Mindanaoan In Korea

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Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow! 😉

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