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Davao in “hold and secure” state during Martial Law in Mindanao, WHAT THIS MEANS

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has announced that the city is currently in a “hold and secure situation” amid the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao. Mayor Inday Sara is the daughter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who issued the Martial Law in Mindanao declaration last May 23, 2017 in Moscow.

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The Presidential Daughter and Davao Mayor said that the “hold and secure situation” (she initially said the city was in lockdown but has since changed it to hold and secure) is to “prevent violence from entering the city and prevent it from erupting inside the city.”

In relation to this, the City Government of Davao has released the following guidelines for residents:


1. We will implement a “Hold and Secure” method in ensuring the security of our people.
2. Call 911 immediately to report suspicious-looking persons, materials and actions by group of persons.
3. Exercise prudence in planning your activities.


4. Travel to and from Davao City is discouraged, as well as in other places in Mindanao, unless there is an urgent matter that needs to be attended to.
5. Do not leave your residence if you do not have business or matters to attend outside.
6. Travelling via motorcycle convoys is discouraged.


7. Avoid crowded places.
8. Religious activities are encouraged to be conducted during daytime. Muslims observing Ramadan are encouraged to hold their activities inside mosques and residences.
9. All rallies and large-group activities should have permits from the local government.


10. Ensure that you have updated vehicle registration papers, and driver’s licenses.
11. Ensure that you have valid and existing licenses for your guns [License to Own and Posses Firearm (“LTOPF”) and Permit to Carry (“PTC”)].
12. Cooperate with the AFP and PNP personnel conducting checkpoints.
13. Familiarize yourself with the contents of your own baggage. Do not accept baggage from strangers.
14. In the conduct of checkpoints, turn off your headlights and turn on your overhead lights during inspection.

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15. Allow the inspectors to smoothly make the inspections.
16. Always bring a valid personal identification document.


17. Minors are extremely discouraged to go out of their residences except when accompanied by adults.
18. Avoid going out late at night and consuming excessive alcohol.
19. Buddy system is encouraged to those who work at night especially during travel to and from work.
20. We encourage that you conduct your personal activities in the daytime.
21. Loitering in all areas is discouraged.


22. Do not leave bags and other personal belongings unattended.
23. Do not leave your cars unattended for a long time.
24. Do not retain large sums of money in your residences.


25. Business establishments and schools are required to create emergency plans for their respective premises.
26. Business establishments and schools are encouraged to invest in private security, modern security equipment and fire extinguishing equipment.
27. Do not retain large sums of money in your premises.
28. Schools are encouraged to implement tighter security measures by properly screening guests.


29. Tourists are discouraged from going to areas that are not included among the main tourism areas of the city.
30. Always bring with you your passports and other proofs of identification.

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  • Sigrid Smith

    Thanks for your message for us and it is greatly appreciated, I do believe this martial law declaration will giving people to behave and discipline. Mostly of them are fears not to commit crimes and they are very careful at the moment. I hope everyone are well and have the time of themselves to be alerted all the times. God Bless to all.

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