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Cat Cafe Calico in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

During our trip to Japan, we just had to visit a cat cafe. To visit at least one cat cafe was definitely a part of our Japan itinerary. We chose Calico Cat Cafe, one of the most popular cat cafes (I read somewhere it’s the oldest, too) in Tokyo, Japan.

You see, my entire family loves animals. We have a family dog, whom we absolutely adore, but if one of my brothers had his way, he’d also want our family to have pet cats. I like cats as well but not as much as he does!

Before anything else, by the way, allow me to share a few things about cat cafes. A cat cafe is where you can enjoy drinks like coffee, tea, juices and shakes and get to interact with various breeds of cats. Cat cafes have become pretty popular since lots of apartments don’t allow pets.

Anyway, to make my brother happy, we visited Cat Cafe Calico. Located in the Kabukicho District, Shinjuku, Calico Cat Cafe is home to so many cute cats. This Tokyo cat cafe is located at the Fuji Building. It can be quite a challenge to look for the entrance. I placed a map below but I also took a photo of the signs outside the building:

calico cat cafe tokyo 13

The entrance to Cat Cafe Calico is on the 6th floor. When my brothers and I arrived, a smiling female Japanese receptionist welcomed us. She then provided us with a “menu” – it’s where you can find the rules of the cat cafe, the entrance fees, prices of the drinks and some information about the cats. I couldn’t help but feel sad when we were told that we shouldn’t feed the cats who wore red scarves as they had kidney diseases 🙁

calico cat cafe tokyo

calico cat cafe tokyo 11

You need to wash your hands at this area and put your bag in a locker. It is free to use the locker.

calico cat cafe tokyo 12

The Cat Cafe Calico premises were clean and orderly. This cute little guy welcomed us:

calico-cat-cafe-tokyo-calico cat cafe tokyo 4

Meet some of the furballs we spotted that day:

calico-cat-cafe-tokyo-calico cat cafe tokyo 5

calico-cat-cafe-tokyo-calico cat cafe tokyo 6

calico-cat-cafe-tokyo-calico cat cafe tokyo 1

calico-cat-cafe-tokyo-calico cat cafe tokyo 2

calico-cat-cafe-tokyo-calico cat cafe tokyo 7

calico-cat-cafe-tokyo-calico cat cafe tokyo 10

calico-cat-cafe-tokyo-calico cat cafe tokyo 3

Here’s my brother luring the cats with treats:

calico-cat-cafe-tokyo-calico cat cafe tokyo 14

There are lots of cat toys, play pens, furniture and books. There are also sofas, chairs and foams on the floor. My brothers and I had a relaxing time.

Cat cafes are a must-visit in Japan. Try Cat Cafe Calico in Tokyo 🙂

Hours: 10 am – 10 pm (open everyday, no holidays)
Rates: Cover charge for 1 hour: 1,200 yen

Drinks: 200 yen

Cat food: 300 yen

Calico Cat Cafe
1-16-2 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku
Fuji Building, 5th and 6th Floors (entrance is on the 6F)

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