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How to apply for Japan visa in the Philippines

When I started preparing documents for my Japan tourist visa, I somehow knew what to expect. In fact, the process was pretty similar to getting my tourist visa to Korea except for one major difference, which you’ll find out later 🙂

Anyway, here’s how to apply for a Japan tourist visa in the Philippines:

welcome to japan narita airport

A Japanese visa is technically FREE of charge. However, the Japanese embassy ONLY entertains visa applications coursed through accredited travel agencies. Since my brothers and I flew from Cebu to Narita, we applied through one of the Japanese embassy’s accredited agencies in Cebu. Do note that while there is a Japanese embassy in Cebu, it’s only for diplomats. All visa applications will still be processed in Manila.

For our agency, we chose Friendship Tours Cebu. My brother, who was tasked to submit our documents, said that the Japanese receptionist was friendly and accommodating and the entire transaction was smooth and easy. Here’s the list of accredited agencies in the Philippines. I highly recommend Friendship Tours Cebu, though! They charge Php 1,200 per visa application.

The Japan tourist visa is only valid for 3 months (single entry for temporary visitors). Hence, I recommend that you prepare well. By the way, the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines has also relaxed their visa rules and Filipinos can now apply for multiple entry visas (these are only for Filipinos who have, ideally, visited Japan at least 3 times).

Requirements for Japan tourist visa:

1. passport (valid for at least 6 months with at least 2 blank pages)

2. visa application form (which you can DOWNLOAD HERE or you can ask for from your chosen agency)

3. photo – 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm pic with white background. Paste the photo on your duly accomplished form. I went to a photo studio that had a “For Japan visa” package for Php 100.00 – 6 pieces

4. original NSO birth certificate plus marriage contract (if you’re hitched)

5. daily schedule in Japan (TAIZAI NITTEIHYO) – this is the difference in the visa application I mentioned earlier. You have to provide something like this to the embassy. Now, don’t worry! I have a SAMPLE here in English to guide you 🙂

6. bank certificate (this is different from a bank statement so please take note!)

7. certificate of employment or your BIR form 2316

Note: If you’re visiting a friend or relative in Japan or if you have a guarantor for your trip, you would need to provide a guarantee letter, an invitation letter and documents/photos that could help prove your relationship and a residence certificate of your guarantor (if he or she is Japanese). You can find the forms and samples here.

My brother was told that the agency would need 5 days to process the application (since they’d need to send everything to Manila). However, our Japan tourist visas got approved after just 1 day 🙂

So there you go! That’s a pretty easy process, eh? 🙂 Good luck and let me know how your application went! 🙂

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