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Finding the Godzilla themed hotel in Tokyo Japan

We found Godzilla! Yup, my brothers and I found Godzilla in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan! A Godzilla-themed hotel, that is πŸ™‚

Even though it was really pretty cold that night, I asked my brothers if they wanted to look for Hotel Gracery in the Kabukicho District in Shinjuku. It’s the hotel famous for its really cool Godzilla-themed guest rooms. According to reports, the Godzilla Room on the hotel’s top floor features a life-sized Godzilla claw looming above the beds. The other Godzilla View rooms, on the other hand, let guests overlook the life-size replica of the celebrated mutant dinosaur’s head. Hotel Gracery Tokyo also offers Godzilla-themed desserts and merchandise.

That night, however, my brothers and I could only afford to see the Godzilla head from the outside. Maybe one day we’ll get to stay in one of the guest rooms πŸ˜‰

godzilla hotel tokyo japan

godzilla hotel tokyo japan

We could only stay for a few minutes, though, since it really was very, very cold that night! Eep.


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