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Japan Home Center CDO mini-haul – do you love wastelands, too?

I have a confession to make. I love, love, LOVE wastelands. Wasteland as in a place that has a lot of stuff that more often than not you don’t need but really want! You can leave me at a wasteland and I’ll be fine for several hours. Believe it or not, I get inspired whenever I’m inside one 😀

In Manila, I have a couple of favorite wastelands but it’s difficult to find one here in Mindanao. I guess the closest one I could think of are the 88-peso stores. Like the Japan Home Center at the Ground Floor of Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro or the Daiso store at Ayala Centrio Mall. These stores are akin to the dollar stores in the U.S. (which reminds me – I also frequently visited those dollar stores when I visited America. I’m a certified wasteland nut!)

Anyway, if you’ve been to one of these kinds of stores – won’t you agree with me when I say that they oftentimes have the coolest, affordable stuff?

Let me share with you my latest mini-haul from Japan Home Center Limketkai.

japan home center

Bought lots of dry erase whiteboard markers including those brightly colored ones for only Php 88 per pack. Notice the wood pattern background? That’s actually self-adhesive decorative paper. Twenty meters for only Php 88! My work area just got spruced up without breaking the bank.

japan home center

japan home center

I plan to use this storage box for my chargers, SD cards etc. Good buy, I say!

japan home center

I also like buying these toilet bowl tabs. This pack of four is enough to last a month.

I also bought scented candles, stuff for my pet dog, a large pack of table napkins and loads of stationeries. Yup. Like I said – wasteland nut 🙂

What about you? Do you also like going to these kinds of stores? What do you usually buy? Please let me know in the comments section below! 🙂

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