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Chicken678 from Korea opens first Philippine branch in Mindanao

During my most recent visit to Korea, I noticed so many chicken and beer food places. I later found out that eating chicken and beer (maekju) is a very big part of the Korean food culture. Hence, the many chimaek or (chicken+maek) restaurants all over Korea. In popular Seoul tourist spots like Myeongdong alone, you’ll probably spot a number of chimaeks along every street.

So when I learned that Chicken 678, one of Korea’s popular chimaeks, is set to open a branch in the Philippines, I was pretty interested. Perfect time to reminisce all about my trip to Korea! I was all the more interested when I found out that their first ever Philippine branch will be in Mindanao! How cool is that?

Chicken 678, owned by well-known Korean MC and comedian Kang Ho-Dong, has opened a branch at the Ground Floor of Grand Central along Pabayo-Hayes Sts., Cagayan de Oro City. And just a few days ago, I was invited to their VIP night, along with other blogger pals.

chicken 678 philippines

chicken678 philippines

chicken678 cagayan de oro philippines

One of the owners of Chicken 678 CDO said that all of the materials and equipment found inside the restaurant were shipped directly from Korea. Talk about keeping things as authentic as possible.

chicken 678 cdo

That night, we tried the 678 Original Crispy Chicken. Well-cooked and has its own distinct flavor. Each piece is also pretty huge! Well worth the price.

chicken 678 philippines

We were also made to try the GochuJang Chicken (chicken coated with sweet chili paste sauce). Meat was tender and succulent. You can request for a spicier version if you wish.

chicken 678 philippines

The last variant we tried was the Ganjang Chicken (with garlic, onions and Korean soy sauce). This one was my favorite. Really good! The chicken meat was juicy and I thought the flavor really made me remember (and terribly miss) Korea.

chicken678 philippines cagayan de oro

Beer, please! 🙂 Be forewarned, though. If you need to pair chicken with rice, you have to order rice separately.

Check out the menu choices at Chicken 678 CDO below:

chicken678 philippines cagayan de oro

chicken678 philippines cagayan de oro

chicken678 philippines cagayan de oro

Grand opening of Chicken 678 Cagayan de Oro will be on April 10, 2015! Bring all of your friends and do drop by.

chicken678 cdo

My sincerest thanks to Danica and Claire for the invitation. Thank you also to Eira and to the owners of Chicken678 CDO.


chicken 678 philippines

* with the exception of the first photo which I nicked off the Grand Central FB page, and the last photo which is courtesy of Chicken 678 CDO, all other photos in this blog entry are owned by


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