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Must-try cafe in CDO: Kafe Al Fresco

Have you ever gone out of your way just to check out a cafe or restaurant simply because you’ve grown curious of all the seemingly mouthwatering photos they post on social media? That’s exactly what I did on a Friday when I went to try Kafe Al Fresco CDO.

I often see food shots taken from this unassuming little cafe in Sta. Cecilia Subdivision, Gusa, Cagayan de Oro (which is a good half an hour away from my place) and since I like trying out new places and sharing the experience with a friend, I invited Em. Fortunately, she was game to tag along. And off we went to Kafe Al Fresco.

kafe al fresco cdo

Kafe Al Fresco CDO is actually a makeshift structure turned into a quaint cafe of sorts. It’s located within a compound that also has a row of apartments owned by the Hojas family.

And, yes, it’s in Gusa, which I know is the last place you’d expect to see a thriving cafe like this in. It may be far but I guess there’s a good reason – it’s in a peaceful neighborhood and let’s be honest, sometimes we just need peace and quiet.

kafe al fresco cdo

This CDO cafe’s wooden structure reminded me of old town country. Inside, there were comfortable cushioned seats and throw pillows.

There are also chairs and tables under the tree, as you can see (hey, that rhymes!)

kafe al fresco cdo

It was a pretty sunny afternoon when we arrived and although Kafe Al Fresco Cagayan de Oro also has an airconditioned area, that didn’t stop us from spending time here. Em and I practically had the entire place to ourselves and we were there for al fresco dining, after all. Besides, the roof was insulated and there was an electric stand fan so it wasn’t that warm inside.

kafe al fresco cdo

I guess social media savvy folks could describe this as an “Instagrammable” area!

kafe al fresco cdo

These seats are available at this Cagayan de Oro cafe’s airconditioned area:

kafe al fresco cdo

Now, on to business. We ordered the bestsellers (i.e. the food I saw on social media).

We had the cantaloupe shake (perfect thirst quencher!) and chicken pesto pasta (this one had a generous serving of pesto on a bed of al dente pasta…yum!)

pesto pasta kafe al fresco

Fish and fries (MY FAVORITE!)

kafe al fresco cdo

Spring rolls (this is a must-try! Value for money, indeed, plus the sauce is delish)

kafe al fresco cdo

For dessert, we had affogato (vanilla ice cream topped with espresso – a must-try as well), creamy leche flan and blueberry cheesecake (very rich in taste and a treat for those with sweet tooth).

kafe al fresco cdo

Kafe Al Fresco CDO also has a carefully chosen wine selection. I spotted bottles of merlot and cabernet sauvignon. All affordable, trust me.

In fact, prices here at Kafe Al Fresco are very affordable. You can have a cup of coffee for only Php 50!

kafe al fresco cdo

Needless to say, we had a really gastronomically delightful afternoon at Kafe Al Fresco. Its lovely, simple ambiance, courteous and attentive staff and downright delicious yet very affordable food make this CDO cafe a welcome respite from all the usual cafes in Cagayan de Oro.

This may be a little far from the city proper but it’s a trip definitely worth your time.

Kafe Al Fresco
1201 San Ramon St., Sta. Cecilia Subdivision
Gusa, Cagayan de Oro (take the main gate then the first left)
Operating hours: 1 PM to 10 PM, Mon to Sat

* Notes: I left a comment on Kafe Al Fresco’s IG page to ask if they were open for lunch. I later found out that they only open at 1 but the cool Kafe Al Fresco folks offered to open an hour earlier. That was a very nice gesture. Thank you! I was also surprised when they treated Em and I. Thank you very much! I will definitely be back! Thank you Michelle, Cath and to all the friendly staff of Kafe Al Fresco!

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