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Secret Garden for good Korean food in Cagayan de Oro

Ever since I first visited Korea, I’ve fallen madly in love with Korean food. I love how healthy and clean-tasting (i.e. not oily, very flavorful) Korean dishes are. So I’m pretty happy to know that there’s a restaurant in Cagayan de Oro that serves good and pretty affordable authentic Korean food.

Located along Masterson Avenue, Secret Garden Restaurant is owned and managed by a friendly Korean, who even had a big smile on his face as my friends and I entered the place to have dinner.

There were tables and chairs at an open space but there were also smaller, airconditioned rooms. My friends and I opted to stay outside. The huge overhead fan was enough to keep us comfortable.

We were served complimentary kimchi, pickled vegetables and spiced tofu. Oh, how I miss kimchi! And how I miss Korea!

secret garden cdo korean restaurant

That night, I ordered spicy squid with rice:

secret garden cdo korean restaurant

secret garden cdo korean restaurant

And bindaetteok (sp?), a pancake made of ground mung beans, green onions, peppers and lots of kimchi! This was really delicious! Perfect for sharing 🙂

secret garden cdo korean restaurant

After dinner, we went to a Korean store, which was just within the compound. The store was manned by an elderly Korean couple. There was a friendly local, though, who’s on standby in case you need to ask about the prices. I bought homemade kimchi (they were packed and sold in microwaveable containers), spicy Korean noodles and boxes of seaweed soup. I also treated my friends to Melona!

secret garden cdo korean restaurant

If you’re craving for Korean food (or if, like me, you also miss Korea!!! – apparently I can’t stress this enough LOL), I recommend Secret Garden restaurant CDO.

Meanwhile, you may want to check my Mindanaoan In Korea travel series. I had a DIY tour all around Seoul, Nami Island and even North Korea 🙂

secret garden cdo korean restaurant

Secret Garden Restaurant
Masterson Avenue (right across Xavier Estates gate)
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

* Disclaimer: My friends and I paid for our own meals. This is not a sponsored post.

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