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Cagayan de Oro Fiesta 2013 rules: no backpacks, mandatory parking space

With the Cagayan de Oro Fiesta 2013 / Kagay-an Festival 2013 drawing near, authorities in Cagayan de Oro City have emphasized their call for the public to follow certain security measures. These include the readiness to present any valid ID during onsite inspections and mandatory parking space especially during 2013 Kagay-an Festival major events. Wearing sunglasses and caps (during indoor celebrations) and bringing of backpacks will also be discouraged.

The Cagayan de Oro Fiesta 2013 schedule of events


Please take note of the guidelines below (released by the CDO government):

1. There are public events that require tight security measures. We appeal to the spectators for their cooperation on these security measures.

2. Bringing of backpacks and similar carrying bags in any event are discouraged as they shall be subject to inspection and scrutiny.

3. Be aware of onsite inspections and be ready to present any valid documentary identification.

4. Every event should have a designated parking area and venue for viewing.

5. When parking your vehicle in any establishment, inform the security guards or designated watchmen.

6. Wearing of caps and sunglasses in any indoor events particularly in mass celebration are prohibited.

7. During events like parades, processions, marathons and the like, parking of vehicles along the route is strictly prohibited. Exceptional cases will be subject to approval of the RTA or police assigned in the area.

8. Report to the nearest police stations or the Chief of Police any suspicious vehicles or items. Informants should identify themselves and the same is treated a confidential matter. Let us be concerned about our peace and order. Know your station commander.

Police Station 1 (857-3173) Divisoria
Commander : Cay-as (09176271972)
Deputy : Pebojot ( 09177918653)

Police Station 2 (852-1620 / 857-3178) Cogon
Commander : Espera (09061791891)
Deputy : Orate (09173167465)

Police Station 3 (856-2471) Agora
Commander : Vinas (09177195565)
Deputy : Calurasan (09352565108)

Police Station 4 (858-3087) Carmen
Commander : Ortiz (09177150878)
Deputy : Palencia (09392691554)

Police Station 5 (856-2482) Macabalan
Commander : Rollen (09177170686)
Deputy : Gaston (09206612500)

Police Station 6 (855-1917) Puerto
Commander : Ochate (09262530993)
Deputy : Evangelista (09177142661)

Police Station 7 (858-3093) Bulua
Commander : Salva (09169777756)

Police Station 8 (310-5578) Lumbia
Commander : Sabanal (09177011602)
Deputy : Centurias (09268987988)

Police Station 9 (857-3186 / 851-1235) Macasandig
Commander : Nacua (09177954369)
Deputy : Hurano (09177165440)

Police Station 10 (733222) Cugman
Commander : Robas (09177233129)
Deputy : Duallo (09277338036)

Kagay-an Festival 2013 schedule of events

Please don’t forget to save these numbers. Let’s all be vigilant and let’s keep the 2013 Kagay-an Festival safe!

Please share this information. Salamat!

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