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About Ana Shell and why you should remember her name

Here’s a name you should take note of and remember very well. Ana Shell.

A few weeks back, I shared with you the possibility of having clean, reliable and most importantly, low cost electricity in the Philippines via gasification technology with the help of a socially conscious, science-driven company based in Singapore called NRGLab Pte. Ltd. NRGLab ( is capable of producing environmentally friendly generators and uses new and modified technologies to process coal, natural gas, rice husks and even APG into fuel. The result? Better efficiency rate and lower costs. Interesting, right?

Now meet the young unsung hero behind this dynamic company – Ana Shell.


Since 2007, she has made investing in projects that protect the environment (but produce better alternatives) a personal commitment. A successful serial entrepreneur who discovered the power of crystal growth technology, Ana Shell is a woman who’s passionate in exploring alternative measures that can produce clean, low-cost electricity.

So passionate that one of her current projects is coal and agricultural waste gasification and conversion of gas into cheap diesel fuel . This is a great project that the Philippine government should also adopt since we have a lot of agri-waste here. Of course, not to mention the fact that we get cheap diesel fuel!

Ana Shell has even patented the way of efficiently improving gas turbines up to 75% for production of electricity. The patent name is Gas Turbine Engine System with Water Recycling Feature .

But don’t think Ana is all about work and no play. Just a few years ago, she also financed the technology of digital audio processing. Check out Brandon Stone’s song ( and Troy Harley’s “Someone Like Me” – this one’s pretty catchy! (

Moreover she sings herself and according to the amount of views on YouTube her songs with deep meaning are very popular. The last one called “Killers” (, like she mentions, is about “Killers who are, every day, slowly and quietly feeding off of the environment.”

Learn more about Ana Shell Fund on her official website:

Let us jointly support her attitudes to make our life in the Philippines and worldwide better!

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