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Mantigue Island Camiguin – what to see and why you should go

The last time my family and I went to Mantigue Island in Camiguin was almost 5 years ago. Yes, it took me that long to come back. A pity, really, since Mantigue Island Camiguin has all the makings of being the next Mindanao tourist spot to watch out for.


I haven’t forgotten just how beautiful it was there. Crystal clear water, white sand, rich marine sanctuary and the feeling of an uninhabited island. I say “feeling” because in truth, several families do live in the island but since that controversy between the settlers and the local government started, they’ve now been relocated to the other side of Mantigue Island.

Also known as Magsaysay Island, Mantigue is about 6 hectares big. A former fishing village, the local government of Camiguin has now transformed it into “Mantigue Island Nature Park.”


Apart from white sand and crystal clear water, Mantigue Island is also ideal for snorkeling and diving. There’s a marine sanctuary. My brothers and I snorkeled there and it really was a sight to behold. We saw sea grass, lots of fish, large coral beds and yes, even Nemo and his friends 😀 [Nemo as in clown fish :D] Actually, when we took underwater shots of the clown fish, they sort of darted towards us as if on attack mode. When we checked the video taken by my brother, we spotted some fish eggs. Apparently the Momma and Poppa fish were just protecting their soon-to-be little Nemos 🙂

At Mantigue Island, you can either bring your own umbrellas or rent a table or a hut. My family and I rented a shed.




You can also bring your own food but it would also be nice if you let the locals cook for you. They have a simple menu:

1 kilo fish (balo) – you can ask the cook to steam, grill or turn this into kinilaw (ceviche) – Php 250 (for other types of fish – depends on the catch of the day – Php 300)
1 kilo shell (tambayang) – Php 200. You can ask the cook to either steam or grill
1 serve guso salad – Php 50
1 cup plain rice – Php 10
1 cup hot coffee – Php 15

Very affordable prices, yes?


For those who don’t want to swim, you can also explore the mini-forest in the middle of the island.


It would be very difficult to say no to this paradise, though!


See how white the sand is? Of course, I brought along one of my favorite pairs of Havaianas, courtesy of friends over at Spruce. This was the pair I created during the Make Your Own Havaianas 2012 event.


This is me trying to do a yoga pose 🙂 Posted this on my Instagram account, too. Follow me there and I’ll follow you back! Mindanaoan on Instagram


We stayed at Mantigue Island for about 4 hours (the maximum time set by the local government for visits). It was truly one of the highlights of our recent Camiguin trip 🙂

So are you planning your own Mantigue Island Camiguin adventure, too? You might want to check out my Camiguin Island Travel Guide. We also stayed at this Camiguin resort. Affordable rate, free breakfast and free unlimited coffee! 🙂 I also have here a couple of other Camiguin-related articles.

If you want to visit Mantigue, here’s how to get there:

Go to Barangay San Roque in Mahinog town, Camiguin. You can find a dock there. The Camiguin local government already set fixed rates for the Mantigue Island Nature Park:

Outrigger/boat fee (round trip, maximum of 6 people per boat, with life vests) – Php 550.00
Nature Park entrance fee – Php 20.00 per person
Table rental (long table) – Php 100.00, (short table) – Php 50.00
Shed rental – Php 150.00
Snorkeling gear rental – Php 150.00
Fins rental – Php 150.00
Snorkeling fee (at the Marine Sanctuary) – Php 50.00 per person
Glass boat rental (maximum of 6 people, 30 minutes) – Php 300.00

Don’t forget to ask for your official receipts!

The local government of Camiguin has also employed some local folks to act as guides/employees at the Mantigue Island Nature Park. A friendly guy named Ikoi was the one who took good care of us that day 🙂

Other helpful travel tips – bring bottled water, sunscreen lotion, a pair of your favorite sunglasses, a camera (an underwater cam is good, too!), extra clothes and a smile 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them at the comments section below. Or you can read my other Camiguin Island posts. Please share this post, as well! Thanks and do visit Mindanao 🙂 It’s always fun here!

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