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New Laguindingan Airport Misamis Oriental – what to know, how to get there

Laguindingan Airport CDO – A lot of you have been asking me all about the new Laguindingan Airport Misamis Oriental that’s set to open on June 15, 2013 via my Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus accounts (thank you for the trust!) and via this Laguindingan Airport article I wrote earlier. So I decided to pool all the infos that I know. I hope that this simple Laguindingan Airport travel blog entry can help you guys 🙂

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First off, Laguindingan Airport is NOT within Cagayan de Oro City proper. So if you’ve been taking flights to and fro Lumbia Airport CDO, be ready to add at least one more hour to your travel time before reaching Laguindingan. Also, this new Misamis Oriental airport is NOT along the highway so from the Laguindingan highway, you still need to take another PUV to reach the airport terminal. That’ll take about 10 minutes.

You have various transport options (apart from taking your private vehicle, obviously 🙂 )

1. Via bus – There are airconditioned and non-airconditioned buses available 24 hours from the West Bound Terminal located in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City. These buses ply the CDO to Iligan City route. If you’ll take the airconditioned bus, fare from CDO to Iligan City is roughly Php 85.00. Just inform the bus conductor that you need to be dropped off at Laguindingan (highway). From the highway, you can find airconditioned multicab vehicles. For these shuttle vans, fare for each person is Php 20.00 (Laguindingan highway to airport proper). One of the operators of the Laguindingan highway to airport route is CDOTransco.

If you have a lot of luggage, please ask the van driver for any additional fees you may need to shoulder.

2. Via express van – One of the Laguindingan Airport to Cagayan de Oro proper express van lines is the Laguindingan Airport Express a.k.a. LAX Shuttle. Introductory fare is Php 199.00 per person (regular fare will soon be Php 249.00 per person). Pick-up and drop-off point is at Centrio Mall (in front of Seda Hotel CDO and at the Corrales Street entrance of the mall)

Another one of the express van lines that will ply the CDO to Laguindingan route is the Magnum Express. Fare range (from Bulua Terminal to the airport): Php 80.oo to Php 100.00. From the airport to CDO proper, fare is Php 199.00 per person (introductory price). The Magnum Express vans also offer free WiFi.

You can also look for CDOTransco airport vans. Within Cagayan de Oro proper, you can find their vans at Divisoria area (near DBP bank), SaveMore Kauswagan area and at SM City CDO.

3. Via taxi – This one’s a bit tricky. The local government says that the taxi drivers were required to only charge the passenger/s whatever’s on the taxi meter. I’m not too sure if a cab driver will agree to this, though. I once asked a taxi driver about this and he said that a Php 1,300 to Php 1,500 charge (yes, for just ONE way) is possible. So brace yourselves.

Hope this helps all of you somehow. Should you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or you can tweet me at @mindanaoan 🙂

Anyway, the local government says that should you encounter problems with the drivers, call the LTFRB hotline (088) 857-5637. Take note of the taxi’s body number, plate number as well as time and date of incident.

As of this posting, the flights to and fro Laguindingan Airport are only limited – sunrise to sunset only. This is because the airport still lacks a couple of navigational equipment – one of which is the Instrument Landing System. Without this, pilots will have to exercise “visual flight rules, a set of regulations under which a pilot operates an aircraft in weather conditions generally clear enough to allow him to see where the aircraft is going.”

The Laguindingan Airport costs Php 7.9 Billion and has earned the distinction of being the most-delayed government infrastructure project of all time. Laguindingan Airport will also soon cater to international flights.

Airport fee will be Php 200.00 and as of this posting, several food establishments have expressed interest to open branches at the new airport.

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