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Warrant of arrest out for ex-Bukidnon rep Neric Acosta, mom Coring

I received a phone call about two hours ago. It was a tip. Apparently, the Sandiganbayan Fifth Division has issued a warrant of arrest for former Bukidnon First District Congressman Juan Romeo Nereus “Neric” Acosta and his mother, former Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon mayor Socorro “Coring” Acosta. The warrant of arrest was made in connection with a perjury case filed against the Acostas.

I was a bit surprised when I heard the news, actually. Especially since last I heard, the complainant, Fr. Venancio Balansag, Jr., has already withdrawn his complaint and has issued an affidavit of desistance.

A brief backgrounder – graft and corruption charges as well as charges for violating the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials were filed against Neric Acosta and his mother. This was because Neric Acosta, who’s currently a presidential adviser on environmental protection, allegedly illegally used his pork barrel funds (when he was still Bukidnon congressman) amounting to Php 5.5 Million and allegedly illegally channeled the same to the Bukidnon Vegetable Producers Cooperative, a private institution controlled by his family. The perjury case, meanwhile, stemmed from the allegation that the Acostas made it appear as if the funding program was approved by the Manolo Fortich council which, according to the Ombudsman, “was false, as the accused fully well knew that no such concurrence was given.” More details about the perjury case against Neric Acosta and Coring Acosta here.

By the way, Sir Neric is also the General Manager of the Laguna Lake Development Authority.

This development saddens me. Politics aside, Sir Neric and his mother Ma’am Coring were (and still are!) good to me and my family. He did something for me before. I can’t reveal in public exactly what it was but I know that Sir Neric and his family realize how grateful I forever will be.

When I was still starting out as a local reporter, Sir Neric always granted me interviews…and real good ones, I must say! I always had good stories…headline-worthy news articles, thanks to the Acostas. Sir Neric’s dad was also a very pleasant man. I learned so much from him. I also could never forget how Sir Neric agreed to appear at a debate I organized. It was the very first (EVER!) debate where he and political arch-rival former Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri were together on one stage. To this day, that has never been replicated and I will forever be grateful to both of them for trusting me.

I now await his statement with regard to this development.



  • hi helo sir,,,mahiya na mn po kayo,,sobra na ang yaman nyo ibigay nyo n mn sa mahihirap,,,tapos kong mgsalita kayo sa taong bayan parang walang ginawang makasalanan.sir n man kapit bahay tayo sa manolo fortich,,and 8 yrs din ako nag working student dyan,,pero the time i need your help ,,,ang kinukuha mo lang ang malapit at mga suporters nyo bagy hndi na mn ako kilala sa byan na yan pero kilala kita kong paano ka mangurakot sa pera ng taong byan,,ilang bese ako pumunta sa bakuran nyu upang humingi nang tulong ,,,nahihiya na lang ako sa sarili ko kc balik2x ng balik wala talaga..dapat wag na kayong manungkolan dyan na mag ina…alais na kayo dyn wala mn lang kayu improvemnt sa municipality,,ang tagal nyo nanungkolan dyan wala talaga,eh ngayon hndi kayo nahiya malaking pagbabago sa municipality natin?kong di ako ngkamali mga baguhan pa lng yung mga pulait sa inyo ah?sarili nyo lang ang tinitingnan nyo,,,sana martilyohin ka ni nonoy para hindi kna maging member nya korakot ka!!!!!!!!

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