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Kamias Shake at Zubuchon Cebu

I mentioned in my Zubuchon Cebu lechon best pig by Anthony Bourdain post that my brother and I decided to order pritchon or pritong lechon or fried lechon and pair it with kamias shake or cucumber shake.

The kamias shake at Zubuchon supposedly balances the richness of the lechon. I couldn’t agree more.

The Zubuchon Cebu kamias shake was not sour at all. It was actually sweet. The perfect choice to “cleanse” your palate before you enjoy what world renowned chef and No Reservations travel show host Anthony Bourdain calls “the best pig…ever!”

Spotted this at Zubuchon:

Kamias (cucumber tree) is packed with Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron, and hydrates your body because of its high moisture content. It is used in some villages in India to control obesity and is being studied for its “anti-fat” properties.

I’m sure it’s pretty easy to make kamias shake. When I get the chance, I’ll learn how to make kamias shake. I’m thinking it’s just mixing kamias, sugar syrup, water and crushed ice.

What do you think?

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