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Mindanaoan In America: Around Washington DC

If I was asked to name at least 5 cities in the U.S. that I may want to live in, Washington D.C. would be one of them.

I found Washington DC charming and interesting – despite the fact that politics plays a huge role there. I guess for those who abhor politics and all the scandals, flipfloppin’, highs and lows that come with it, they won’t feel comfortable in Washington DC. For people like me who get a natural high with fast-changing political strategies, however, Washington is the place to be.

The day after I arrived in Washington D.C. USA for the start of my 3-week International Visitor Leadership Program, my fellow participants and I were toured around the city. I remember that day oh-so-well — it was freezing cold but because we were supposed to have nice pictures taken for our families and friends back home (read: for Facebook purposes and yes, for bragging rights hehe!), siyempre deadma sa weather! Never mind if our hands were cold as ice and that we had to wear the thickest, heaviest coats on Earth. We simply had to look real good and had to flash our million megawatt smiles 🙂

And so now please allow me to share some of the photos this Mindanao photographer (that’s me, ahem ahem 😉 ) took during our Washington DC day tour:

At the Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

National Mall area. Unfortunately, it was undergoing repair/reconstruction so nope, no Forrest Gump run through the water scenario for me!

On the way to Capitol Hill. This was taken outside the Newseum, which was actually our first stop of the day

Capitol Hill

This lady has stationed herself outside the White House since 1981!

White House

Treasury Department

By the way, I, along with my fellow IVLP 2012 delegates, was billeted at The River Inn.

Will share more of my Washington DC escapades in succeeding blog posts 🙂 If you want to follow my U.S. escapades, you may want to SUBSCRIBE TO MINDANAOAN

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