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Review: Max’s Restaurant CDO

I have a strange love affair with Max’s Restaurant Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao branch. My family and I used to be regular customers when the Max’s Restaurant CDO branch was still in Divisoria. I even wrote about one of their promos before. I also used to treat a lot of my Public Relations clients there before. I also organized a few political events in their function rooms. However, after I read this negative feedback about Max’s Cagayan de Oro by a CDO Blogger, I decided to stay away, lest that I myself would experience the same poor service. What happened between Max’s Restaurant and the CDO Bloggers was a shame, really. I do know that the CDO Bloggers President then already issued an official response. Not sure if Max’s management issued an apology or statement.

Fast forward a year and several months later, Max’s Restaurant closed its Divisoria branch and opened shop at the ground floor of Robinson’s CDO. Along with another restaurant, they occupied the space formerly tenanted by Cafe Laguna.

Out of curiosity, my youngest brother and I had dinner at the new branch of this Cagayan de Oro restaurant. One of the dishes we ordered then was their pork sinigang. You could just imagine the shock of our lives when the sinigang tasted like water! When we asked the food attendant, he offered to bring the dish back to the kitchen. A few minutes later, he had the oddest reason: apparently, the cook at Max’s Restaurant CDO FORGOT to include the sinigang soup mix, hence, the absolutely bland taste. My brother and I were just too tired and too hungry to argue so we just accepted the waiter’s apology and finished off our meal. It was so disappointing.

Now just this Sunday, I was in Cagayan de Oro for a speaking engagement. My two brothers and my mom were also in town so we decided to give Max’s CDO one last chance. We ordered what they called the “Half Table Menu A.” It’s supposed to be a complete set menu that’s good for 5 people.

They served us what looked like Max’s Fried Chicken (Spring Chicken, I think), chicken soup, pansit canton, chopsuey, lumpiang shanghai, 5 cups of plain rice and 5 caramel bars. No drinks included yet. For about Php 1,160.00, I thought it was a good deal. Here are some food shots:

max's chopsuey

max's restaurant cagayan de oro chicken soup

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During our visit, the service was all right and the waiter named Steve was courteous somehow.

Max’s Restaurant Cagayan de Oro somehow “redeemed” itself although I still get absolutely amused whenever I remember that tasteless sinigang they served us before. So if you do visit them soon and want to order their sinigang, make sure to remind them to serve you the correct dish!

Hopefully Max’s Restaurant CDO will do everything in order to please their customers.

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