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The 3rd Silver Linings forum on breast cancer in Davao City

As far as I know, no one in my clan has ever been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am, of course, extremely grateful for that. My mom did tell me, though, that there were instances when some of our female relatives reported to have felt lumps but these turned out to be benign tumors. However, just because I don’t know (or I’m not related to) someone who has breast cancer should not stop me (and all of us, really) to advocate breast cancer prevention. After all, breast cancer is said to be the leading cause of cancer deaths among Filipino women.

Thankfully, an educational forum cum homecoming for breast cancer survivors will be held in my hometown Davao City.

Silver Linings, dubbed as “every breast cancer survivor’s favorite event,” will be held on September 17, 2011 at the Grand Regal Hotel in Davao City, Mindanao. This whole day affair is a national breast cancer forum and homecoming for breast cancer survivors.

According to the organizers led by the ICanServeFoundation, the 3rd Silver Linings event is “a mix of talks, interactive activities, song and dance. It features core issues on breast cancer (e.g., breast cancer 101, when cancer comes back, etc.) and soft issues as well (e.g., how spouses cope, juicing, music for healing, etc.).” This Davao City event will bring breast cancer survivors, their kin, doctors, friends, relatives etc together 🙂

While the event is open to everyone, a registration fee of only Php 100 per person will be collected. Online registrants get to use the quick lane to get their ID, certificate and receipt for the registration fee.

Online registration HERE.

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