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Proudly Mindanao made: Boyongs Special Bagoong

You know when people say don’t even try to glance at food blogs or pictures of food before you sleep? Okay, I made that up (HAHA) but really, that should be made into law!

I made this mistake of checking out photos of food tonight (I was supposed to sleep about 10 minutes ago) and then I stumbled upon product shots of one of my favorite foodie finds since late last year — Boyong’s Special Bagoong! Obviously, I can’t sleep now. I’m hoping that by blogging about this Mindanao product, dalawin uli ako ng antok! O.o

Now for the uninitiated, bagoong is a Philippine condiment made of partially or completely fermented shrimps (or fish). Here in Mindanao (and in the Visayas), bagoong can either be ginamos (or fish bagoong — the fish used is usually bolinao or anchovies) or bagoong alamang (shrimp fry bagoong).

My family and I LOVE bagoong (both ginamos or alamang) so when I heard that a friend of mine was getting into the bagoong business, I immediately tried his product. Enter the yummiest bagoong this side of the planet – Boyong’s Special Bagoong – “The Bagoong that does wonders to your palate!” And bygeezus my friend wasn’t kidding when he said that it was way better than most commercial bagoong products out there.

Check out the photos below and droooooolll:

Boyong’s Special Bagoong (special sauteed shrimp paste) comes in four variants: Original, Spicy, Regular, Premium. My favorite is the spicy version with pork. YUM!

And yeah, Boyong’s Special Bagoong is proudly made in Mindanao!

Place your order today by sending an email to boyongsbagoong [at] gmail [dot] com

You can call them at 09491347143 or 09228970251

Or you may visit their official Facebook Page

Place your order NOW. You won’t regret it! 🙂 Now if you’ll excuse me while I summon the gods of sleep 😀

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