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1st Davao Summerfest 2011

Here’s another 1st from my hometown Davao City! The City Government of Davao, in cooperation with the Davao Association of Tour Operators and the Davao Tourism Association, will be holding the 1st Davao Summerfest from April 29 to May 29, 2011.

The 1st Davao Summerfest was organized to address the need to hold an event during summer in Davao City, a season when the city receives the most number of tourists, as well as to complement the city’s existing major festivals — Araw ng Dabaw and the Kadayawan Festival.

This year’s Summerfest will showcase a series of events that will focus on sports, eco-adventure, and entertainment for both visitors and locals to enjoy during the summer season. Blessed with “natural venues” for outdoor sports, the Summerfest will allow visitors to see and experience the wonders of Davao Gulf, Davao River, as well as the well-paved roads leading to the mountains of Marilog, where one can also hold various eco-adventure activities.

Check out the official schedule of activities of the 1st Davao Summerfest 2011!

The 1st Davao Summerfest 2011 is also an opportunity for local facility owners, tour operators and sports organizers to showcase Davao’s various sports adventure facilities, such as zip lines, a wakeboarding park, river rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, spelunking, among many others. The city can also highlight its existing facilities that can readily host world class competitions, such as golf courses. The Summerfest will not only generate revenue for the city during the summer season but will also promote camaraderie, project a wholesome image for the community, and promote an interest in sports and healthy living among the youth.

As you can see, you have all the more reason to visit Davao City!

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