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First Filipino Yale World Fellow and former Bukidnon Mindanao congressman Dr. Neric Acosta congratulates!

During the Open Budget Partnership forum I attended in Manila a few days ago, I saw an old friend. I didn’t expect him to actually come since a member of the event secretariat told me earlier that day that he might not be able to drop by. Lo and behold, he came…and when I approached him to say hello, he looked a little bit surprised to see me there but nonetheless looked happy.

The old friend I’m referring to is former Bukidnon First District Congressman Dr. JR Nereus “Neric” Acosta.

Yes, he’s the same Neric Acosta who ran for a Senate seat in May 2010. He’s the same Neric Acosta who’s a staunch advocate of environment protection, responsible population management, health and programs for climate change. And yes, he’s the same Neric Acosta who authored the Clean Air Act and who’s the first ever Filipino to be named as World Fellow of Yale University.

I will no longer go into the details as to how and why I consider Sir Neric Acosta a friend I’ll always be grateful to. Suffice it to say that he helped me expand my horizons, helped me grow as a person and as a professional and basically made me realize just how resilient I can be.

Anyways, I asked him to do a small video greeting for my recent win in the Philippine Blog Awards 2010. Well, I got more than that. Not only did I receive a very nice video message, I also got a hug, a pat on the back and his trademark smile ūüôā

Check out Sir Neric’s special video greeting for this humble blogger from Mindanao after the jump!

To Sir Neric – thank you very much for this video message and I hope to see you again very soon!

Daghang salamat.


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