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Citihardware to open 3rd branch in Cagayan de Oro City

Well, I guess this only goes to show that Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, dubbed the City of Golden Friendship, is really booming and fast becoming “a force to reckon with” in terms of trade and industry.

CitiHardware, arguably the largest and fastest growing hardware chain in the country, will open its third branch in CDO. According to a top CitiHardware official, the Cugman branch is currently in its early stages of construction. Citihardware’s two existing branches in Cagayan de Oro are located at Bulua and Gusa.

If you guys recall, Mindanaoan was hired to handle shared event coordination services during the grand opening of the CitiHardware Bulua branch. As co-event organizer, Mindanaoan was in charge of providing professional lights and sounds, a female professional host, a band which had three great vocalists, photography and video coverage services plus shared event management tasks.

And yes, the grand launch of Citihardware Bulua was a major success! 🙂

Which reminds me — konting plugging lang 🙂 — if you need a professional event organizer anywhere in Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME. You can leave a message in this contact form or you can also call (+63) 919 238 6575. Mindanaoan and her team can also provide video coverage and photo coverage services (weddings, events, debuts, portraits, baptismals, fashion etc), professional lights and sounds system, bands / artists / performers (local and even national celebrities) and media / advertising / public relations services. We can also assist you in terms of advertising (online and offline i.e. print, magazine, radio, flyers etc)

Founded by Decoarts Marketing, Inc., an architectural company established in 1978 in my hometown Davao City (represent! 🙂 ), Citihardware is a depot-type of retail outlet. It carries more than 20,000 items including tile and floor coverings, electricals, bathroom fixtures and accessories, doors and mouldings hardwares, plumbing, paint, garden tools and others.

To give you guys a quick taste on how the Citihardware Cugman branch may look like, check out these photos of the Citihardware Bulua branch!

citihardware bulua cagayan de oro

citihardware cdo bulua branch

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