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Shadow – Davao’s blogging landscape at a glance!

Mindanaoan is super excited to share this great piece of news with you all! As you know, I’m a very proud Dabawenya and I promote Davao City as much as I can and in any way possible.

One of the ways that I do this is to blog about my hometown Davao (but of course!). Fortunately, I’m not the only one who loves to write about the world’s most livable city. There are a lot of other Davaoenos who are as eager to share updates, news, photos and even the latest chismis about Davao as I am! 😀

Presenting – the most comprehensive aggregator site of Davao-based blogs. Blog Davao features Davao’s blogging landscape at a glance!

What’s great about this site is that you can easily find so many Davao-based blogs and quickly access the entries that may catch your fancy. is where you can find updates on blogs about Davao City. Hear it straight from people who come from Davao City, from people who breathe and love Davao!

As you can see, Mindanaoan is one of the very proud contributors of 🙂

For fellow Dabawenyos like me who also have blogs about Davao, please visit the site now and don’t hesitate to contact the admin. I’m pretty sure they’d be happy to include your blog there as well!

Kudos to the people behind and here’s to more projects soon! Can’t wait! 😀

Go Davao! 😀

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