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Ayala Mall CDO – said to be the biggest mall in Mindanao

It looks like Cagayan de Oro City is now, more than ever, THE next place to watch out for here in Mindanao. Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) is set to build the biggest mall in Mindanao – the Ayala Mall CDO – and is set to allot a total of P4.5 Billion for the said project.

Ayala Mall CDO will be a shopping and recreation haven and will reportedly be right smack in the heart of the city.

Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Constantino Jaraula was quoted as saying that the Ayala Mall Cagayan de Oro “would make the city the major shopping destination in Mindanao as this will be the biggest mall in the region and will further boost our beloved city as a haven for investment.”

Ayala Mall CDO will even be larger than the P3 Billion Ayala Mall Davao City, reports say.

Ayala Mall CDO will occupy a large space along CM Recto Avenue (in a vacant lot in front of Gaisano City CDO).

The said Ayala property will also take up a portion of land along Corrales Avenue.

What do you think of this development?

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  • white knight

    Wow! Good for Cagayanons. I love the place. Chada kaayo, hehe. Well, if it is bigger than Davao then s be it. Its a neck to neck battle between Limketkai Mall which is also big in Mindanao in terms of GFA, not in land area if I’m not mistaken. Ang GenSan, when kaya mag ka Ayala? hehe

  • ambisyoso pud ka noh.. hambog dayun ka wala pa gani na natukod..bisag tukog sa walis ..wala jud..
    can u show me an evidence nga ang ayala cdo is being constructed kay gipahambog nman nimo..
    And i dont want those evidence nga imung ipakita..mapa lang or naka autocad palang..kanang actual nga picture kung tinuod bajud,,
    nga sa akung pagkahibalo walay mall ipatukod dira..hahaha ky malugi lang daw sila..
    Ambisyoso pud si santa claus sa CDO..

    • @Jox – No need to use “attack” words here. Apparently, you aren’t updated anymore. Clearing of the land in front of Gaisano has begun weeks before. That land will be used for Ayala Mall Cagayan de Oro.

      Obviously you’re not from CDO because you seem to harbor so much anger.

      Let me ask you — why do you sound so mad? Ma-milyonaryo diay ka if Ayala doesn’t push through with the plan?

  • jox

    @ taga mindanao… Im sorry.. I beg for apology.. I just hate what white night posted..
    kita ra man magkakampi unta pero murag kita man ang nag unay…really sorry taga mindanao..

    • @Jox – Way problema bai. Way kurat. Na shock lang pud ko nga in-ato imong reaction. Anyway, nag open na ang Abreeza in Davao. It’s another Ayala mall. Ang Centrio kay kamulo pa ang construction.

  • good day to you !

    i am looking for a vacant in ayala mall. i would like to put a foodcart. can i have a email add or a contact number for more information? thank you and godbless .

  • allan

    ayala mall land area 70,000 sq.m(7 hectars )
    limketkai mall 250,000 sq.m (25 hectars): expand napud cla sa main concourse sa mall. the 2nd building will be completed this october,18 story. and the 3rd building may construct after,33 story high. they signed a MOA to employee 5000 employes in 2012. tesda trainee

  • White Knight

    Abreeza Mall (Ayala Davao) recently opened and the mall is really awesome it can compete honestly to the Manila & Cebu upscale malls. Its hard to say who’s the biggest. According to @Allan, Limketkai has a GPA of 250,000 sq.m. then I think it still hold the crown as the biggest for Mindanao malls.

    I don’t know about Centrio statistics but I think Abreeza is much bigger in terms of GFA’s & Land area (Abreeza is 10 hectares (100,000 sq.m.). So let’s wait when Centrio opens…haha.

    • IluvCDO

      I think dili importante kung kinsa ang siudad nga naay pinaka dako nga mall. Lets talk about economy ang peace and order situation. So far among the 1st class city category, CDO is a threat to the rest of the cities in mindanao.we have a fast growing economy in mindanao…unsaon manang dako nga mall, bombahan ra diay gihapon.hehehehe

    • IluvCDO

      i go to gensan always, after 7pm mingaw naman. pwede na mag patintero sa dalan pag 9pm na, not as lively as davao and cdo…in gensan theres nothing much to do after sundown.

  • ching

    hello dear…im wondering if there is a space for rent in ayala mall cdo available..im planning to have a small boutique if its possible..thanks

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