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Zubiri and Acosta, enemies yesterday, friends today and tomorrow?

Ang politics nga naman! Mindanaoan was a bit shocked – nay, very, very shocked – when I found out that last-termer Bukidnon Gov. Jose Ma. Zubiri, Jr. and political archrival JR Nereus “Neric” Acosta MAY soon sing sweet music together. This, after Zubiri is reportedly eyeing a “transfer” to the Liberal Party from LAKAS-CMD-KAMPI. Acosta will run for Senator under the LP.

What’s so interesting about this is that these former political allies have burned a lot of bridges over the years and have become bitter political enemies. Zubiri has accused Acosta of graft and corruption. Acosta, on the other hand, tried to run for Bukidnon governor in the last elections but lost to Zubiri by a very large margin. From mudslinging to accusations of one trying to kill the other to one trying to discredit the other, you can say that the Zubiris and the Acostas have been, are and most probably will still be bitter enemies. To even see them in one place can probably be the biggest news for the day in Bukidnon. However, with Zubiri reportedly transferring allegiance to Noynoy and Mar, should we now call these two FRENEMIES?

Interestingly, Zubiri reportedly led a 3-day caucus in the Province of Bukidnon, Mindanao recently and during the mock polls, Liberal Party bets Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas gained the most votes among Bukidnon mayors, vice mayors, councilors and barangay captains. Because of the result, Zubiri now has reportedly urged the local leaders to pledge allegiance to Noynoy and Mar and ultimately to the LP.

As of press time, talks of an induction in Bukidnon are spreading like wildfire.

Interestingly, too, Zubiri has now accused President Gloria Arroyo’s party, LAKAS-CMD-KAMPI, of not being “supportive” of the provinces that have delivered votes for her in the last election. Zubiri said that PGMA’s party has neglected the provinces that have helped her win before. Of course, we can assume that Zubiri wanted to remind the president that he busted his ass campaigning for her in Bukidnon during the last elections and yet Bukidnon (or probably him) hasn’t been generously rewarded.

Another thing that we should also take note of — Zubiri’s son, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri is an official of LAKAS-CMD. Does this mean that Migs will also soon leave PGMA’s side and follow his dad’s transfer to the LP?

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