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PAGCOR Davao – Casino Filipino Davao City – What to expect and what to do (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my Casino Filipino Davao City – What to expect and what to do blog post series. Like I previously mentioned, Mindanaoan thought of writing this series because I know that there are still a lot of Pinoys out there who shun from casinos and betting stations. I DO NOT, however, advocate gambling. I just want to share with you all how life is inside a 24/7 casino, what you can see in PAGCOR Davao, what you can do in a Casino Filipino branch and how you can avail of freebies be they be food, bets, chips, tokens, concert tickets etc.

pagcor davao

So are you now curious about what’s going on inside this 24-hour casino in Davao City, Mindanao?

Now that you already have your Casino Filipino Privilege Card, the next step would be to check out the various areas inside this casino. You can find rows and rows of slot machines near the entrance. Most of the slot machines there are “linked” – meaning that they have special “bonuses” and you also have the chance of winning large jackpot prizes. One “linked” area is the “King of Sport.” At any time while you’re playing, the games may be suspended and you may be assigned a horse. All of the machines that have been assigned with horses will then engage in a “virtual horse race” – you will have the chance of winning as little as P3,000 and as large as P1,000,000.00 Another linked area is a train type of game.

On your left, you’ll spot the comfort rooms for men and women. I super like the washrooms there, by the way. The comfort rooms are spotlessly clean and well-stocked with paper towels, powder, soap, toothpaste and gel. Walk a little further and you’ll see another section full of slot machines. You may notice that the slot machines there are mostly “old” ones or those that have “old” games. The slot machines near the entrance are the “newer” ones.

You will then find the gaming tables in the middle of the casino. PAGCOR Davao is smaller than PAGCOR Cebu (located at Waterfront Lahug) so you can only find a few tables there. Oftentimes, the Roulette is the busiest area at the gaming floor.

There are special rooms at PAGCOR Davao, too. There’s a VIP room, a Madayaw room where special Super 6 and Poker games are held and then there’s the basement area where you can find 777 slot machines and additional “old” slots. The basement area isn’t open 24/7, though. As far as I remember, I think the basement area opens at around 1pm. You’ll find a lot of people at the basement, too, since they serve FREE coffee there 🙂

Stay tuned for Part 3 where I’ll share how you can play at PAGCOR Davao, how you can avail of free food and drinks there and more tips on how you can maximize your visit.

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