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Citihardware to open a new branch in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao

Good news for consumers in Mindanao particularly those in the Northern Mindanao area! CitiHardware is set to hold a grand opening this week for its new Bulua branch in Cagayan de Oro City!

Citihardware Bulua will be the store chain’s second branch in CDO. Its first is located at Gusa.

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Okay, so back to Citihardware 🙂

Although this new Citihardware store is currently operational (they had their soft opening not too long ago), the grand opening is slated this week.

Founded by Decoarts Marketing, Inc., an architectural company established in 1978 in Davao City (represent! 🙂 ), Citihardware is a depot-type of retail outlet. It carries more than 20,000 items including tile and floor coverings, electricals, bathroom fixtures and accessories, doors and mouldings hardwares, plumbing, paint, garden tools and others.

Citihardware CDO offers a variety of world-renowned brands with the latest design innovation.

Check out the Citihardware Bulua branch!

citihardware bulua cagayan de oro

citihardware cdo bulua branch

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  • carl

    it’s in the news since last year that citi hardware will open a branch here in surigao city and it was even published in the local newspaper and announced by the city mayor over the local radio station. however, up to this date we havent heard any news about it anymore. can you give us any info in this regard either their plan to open up a branch here will still push through and when? thnks!

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