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Songs of Davao City and Cagayan de Oro City bands in ‘The “Thank You” Girls’ film

thankyougirls_posterI’m really pleased to know that the songs at least three Mindanawon bands were included in the soundtrack of the independent Visayan filmThe ‘Thank You’ Girls.”

The bands I’m referring to are Gasulina (a band I had the chance to hire for a gig roughly two years ago…I already fell madly in love with their songs “The Pill” and “Fueled” then — the very same songs that are included in the indie film), The Superflirts and fellow Atenistas, Lizardchips.

I still haven’t had the chance to view “The ‘Thank You’ Girls” movie (if I’m not mistaken, their last screening was at Robinson’s Indiesine in Manila last January 2009) but I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a DVD (original copy, don’t worry! 😉 ) Hopefully, though, there will be more screenings of this movie because I”m sure a lot of fellow Mindanaoans would wanna watch!

According to the film’s synopsis, “The ‘Thank You’ Girls” is a Visayan film with a gay lingo twist. It’s a movie about gay beauty pageant veterans from Davao City who travel to Cagayan de Oro City in order to conquer the grandest competition of beauty, personality and brains in the whole province. These gay veterans accordingly believe that being city dwellers, gays in the province will never stand a chance against them.

Pretty interesting plot, I must say. I reckon there will be lots of funny as well as dramatic moments in the film.

To the Mindanao-based bands whose songs got included in the movie soundtrack – congratulations! Hopefully, more film producers get Mindanaoan bands and/or artists. That will really help spread the music of the south!

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  • Ryan Lascano

    Hi, I’m Ryan Lascano, a senior AB – English Language student of Silliman University, Dumaguete City, Philippines. My undergraduate thesis is on the morphology of gay lingo. I want to focus on Visayan gay lingo, and I have to choose a piece which will serve as the main source of this study. I stumbled on the film ‘Thank You’ Girls after searching in the web for many hours. I think this is interesting, relevant, and beneficial. But I don’t know how to get copy of this. Can you help me on this?

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