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How long before you get your SSS ID – three months!

Well, in my case, at least. After a little over three months, I finally received it. I received my Social Security System (SSS) ID in the mail today. My SS card was sent via registered mail and interestingly, the “generic” letter that came with it (which was signed by current SSS Chairman Romulo Neri) was dated February 3, 2009 but the envelope was postmarked February 19, 2009. So I’m thinking the SSS has one really very slow mailing process.

Anyways, this post on how long before you get your SSS ID comes three months after my entry on how to get your SSS ID card. In that post, I mentioned that the data capture operator told me that it might take more than two months before my SSS digital ID is sent via registered mail. Well, what do you know? She was right! Not only did it take more than two months, it actually took more than THREE months *rolls eyes* Ayayay.

My brother, who also received his own SSS card today, even joked that it might have even taken a longer time but the SSS people have to do double time on pleasing their contributors. After all, didn’t the SSS raise the possibility of diverting P12.5-billion SSS funds to the government’s so-called “stimulus plan“?

So what about you? How long did it take before you received your SSS ID?

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  • jet

    I havent received mine, I applied last December, I called several times and I got routed to different departments. Worse, the last “department” told me they’ll be transferring my call (of course, whats new?) but to my surprise he hung-up! F*CK those SSS employees!

  • @jet – Wow yours has really taken a lot of time! It’s been…what…4 months?! I suggest you call the Manila SSS office for follow-ups. The local SSS offices don’t have much say on these things since they forward the ID forms to the head office anyway.

    Tsk tsk I hope you receive yours soon! Update us ha

  • Ben

    You’re actually very lucky to have received it within 3 months. I applied in the main office for a replacement on November 2008, and until now, have not received my ID replacement yet (It’s already December 16 2009!). They used to have a more effective de-centralized process where you apply on a satellite office and you get services/ benefits in a shorter span of time. Now, it’s taking ages to receive what’s due to you – what makes it worse is they deduct premiums from your salary on a timely basis but you cannot expect timely service. Poor Juan dela Cruz.

  • Johanna

    I applied in our main office here in Tarlac City. It’s my first SSS ID..I have a hard time proving my identity on some firms when I’m looking for work because they wanted to see my SSS ID along with my student ID. I remember I applied on February 2009..until now, its already October 2010 and I still don’t have it. I’m still contributing part of my salary to SSS..but I’m kind of frustrated and angry about it..Where is my *** ID?

  • JOEL

    baket nga b sobrang bagal ng proseso ng SSS govt. ……. ano ba pinag gagawa nyo???? ausin nyo nman trabaho nyo mga SSS employees and Management.. lakas nyo magkaltas pag sahuran .. pag sa trabaho ang bagal nyo… namumuti n mata namen kaka antay ng SSS ID. i for one really nid that SSS ID for presentation of 1 of my valid id’s required…

    haays!!! ANG BABAGAL NYO!!!

  • honey lyn santos

    unfortunately i still don’t have it… i apply for it last 4th october 2010, and its going to be six months on the 1st week of april. and i badly needed it for my maternity benefits application….

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