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How to get your SSS ID card

Like I mentioned in this post, I was at the Social Security System (SSS) office in our area early this week because I had to secure my SSS ID card. Although I’m a longtime SSS member, it’s only now that I finally had the time (and finally ran out of valid excuses not to go! LOL) to visit and have my picture taken and stuff.

Here’s the procedure on how to secure your very own SSS ID card:

  1. Go to the Forms Issuance Counter and ask for the Social Security ID form (SSS Form E-6)
  2. Fill up the form in ONE copy only
  3. Proceed to any receiving/verification counter (usually counters 1-6). The teller will validate your form. You are required to bring two (2) valid IDs for verification purposes (valid IDs include your company ID, passport, TIN etc)
  4. If the application form is in order, the teller will stamp the form with “Qualified” and you will be told to proceed to the SS ID Data Capture Station
  5. Present your form along with your two valid IDs to the capture machine operator
  6. Wait for your turn
  7. Once you’re allowed inside the station, you will be asked for your fingerprints (index finger and thumb prints) and digital signature. The operator will also get a live capture of your facial image (fancy way of saying, really, that the operator will take your picture). I actually noticed a personal identification number (PIN) keyboard but I wasn’t asked to key in my PIN. I guess that’s not necessary anymore.
  8. After the data capture, the operator will hand you a stub. You need to keep that stub for future reference.
  9. Your SS ID will be mailed to you.

Interestingly, the operator told me that it might take MORE THAN TWO MONTHS before my ID is sent. This is because the machine, accordingly located at the SSS central office in Manila, is broken. Isn’t that funny? The SSS is supposedly one of the “moneyed” branches of government and yet they can’t even serve their contributors well.

Ahh…that’s the Philippine government to you.

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