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Baron Geisler and a girl smoking marijuana – caught on camera?

I received a rather weird (yet interesting, I must admit) offer via email yesterday. A girl who introduced herself as a certain “Angela Batumbakal” claimed that she has photos of “Jay” indie film lead actor Baron Geisler and another woman (unnamed) smoking marijuana. I found her email “interesting” only because I realize the lengths people go through just so they can either destroy a person or earn that quick buck.

This “Angela Batumbakal” wrote: i have 5 clear pictures of baron geisler and a woman smoking marijuana.i found a memory card at an internet cafe and then i opened it and saw baron’s pictures on it.if u are interested to have these pictures,u can send me an email.09099758776 [[email protected]]

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who received her so-called “offer,” which, by the way, sounds awfully odd. I mean, seriously, will anybody just leave a “memory card” with controversial photos in it? And in an Internet cafe, no less! Of course, I knew from the get-go that this person only needs money in exchange for these alleged photos of Baron Geisler smoking marijuana.

I wonder what ABS-CBN will do about this (if this is even worth their time and attention). Do you think Bong Osorio (ABS-CBN’s Corporate Communications Director) will even give this the time of day?

I also wonder if Baron Geisler has anything to say about this. I actually feel sorry for the guy – I have a feeling that this is just a ploy to destroy his name.

Did YOU receive a similar email?

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