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Angela Batumbakal finally sends a reply and yes, she needs money

This post is related to an earlier entry about this girl who sent me an email and claimed that she has photos of award-winning Filipino actor Baron Geisler and a girl smoking marijuana. The email sender calls herself “Angela Batumbakal.”

And since I was intrigued by her email, I sent her a brief reply asking, “and I suppose you’re asking for money?” (Well, truth be told, I knew from the get-go that she needed money in exchange for these photos of former Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity contestant Baron Geisler and a girl smoking marijuana but admittedly, I was curious and a bit baffled as to how people can go through such lengths just to earn that quick buck)

Today, I checked my email and I finally received a short confirmation from “Angela Batumbakal”:

“ofcourse in exchange for d pictures that im goin to give you.thanks.”

How can this person sleep at night?

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