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Online petition for the resignation of the Pangandamans; Pangandaman counsel: “Wala pong bodyguard, lahat po sila naka-bakasyon”

The website of the “Ang Kapatiran Party” has launched an online petition for the resignation of Department of Agrarian Reform Nasser Pangandaman, Sr. and Masiu, Lanao del Sur Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr. This, following the alleged brutal mauling of 56 year old businessman Delfin dela Paz and his 14 year old son, Bino.

If you’re interested to sign the petition, please CLICK HERE.

Incidentally, the Pangandamans also have an appeal to bloggers. This part is nicked from an ABS-CBN news story:

Appeal to bloggers

Since Bambee’s blog, the story about the incident in the golf club spread through the Internet.

Bloggers condemned and some even put up a signature campaign for Pangandaman’s resignation.

Pangandaman said his family is hurting because of the bad picture being painted on his name and family.

He appealed to bloggers to stop accusing them on the Web. The secretary even warned bloggers against karma.

“I appeal to the bloggers to stop this. They also have their families, they have parents and siblings. Our family is already hurting. I hope this doesn’t happen to you (bloggers),” the secretary said.

On a personal note – the DAR secretary is right. I, too, have parents and siblings. I actually have 3 younger brothers and never in my wildest dreams will I ever allow anybody to hurt them. Never will I allow anybody to brutally maul them until their ears bleed. And never will I allow anybody to drag my father by his feet, to maul him and to let anybody pull out a gun on him.

I blogged and am blogging about this incident because I cannot understand for the life of me why someone would ever want to beat up a 14 year old CHILD. Whenever a minor is involved, it doesn’t matter whether you were cussed at or not (as the Pangandamans alleged Bino did). Is it really necessary to hurt a child that much until his ears bled? Never mind the physical wound – Bino was traumatized because of the incident – How can you ever heal a deep emotional wound?

Here’s an excerpt of Atty. Raymond Fortun’s “Unang Hirit” interview today. Arnold Clavio was the interviewer and Fortun was joined by Atty. Fallar, counsel for the Pangandamans. (Atty. Fortun writes: “NOTE: This is based purely on my recollection, and not an entirely accurate transcription of what was actually said. However, it is fairly accurate — as memories may serve us right.”)

ATTY. FALLAR: “Ayon sa mga caddie, ay si Mr. Dela Paz ang nag-tiklop ng kanyang umbrella, and sinangga lamang nina Mr. Pangandaman ang atake.”

ATTY. FORTUN: “(pause) Naku, eh kung ganyan lang naman ang paliwanag, eh sige na nga, si Mr. Dela Paz na nga ang may kasalanan. Dinikit nya yung mukha nya sa kamao ni Pangandaman. At yung bintang nila na grave threat at grave coercion, eh sige na nga. Yung matandang babae na asawa ni Mr. Dela Paz ay tinakot at pinigilan yung humigit kumulang na 5 bodyguard ng mga Pangandaman. Ngayon yung sinasabi nilang child abuse, eh siguro nga, kasalanan na din namin. Kasi nakakita nung 8-yr old na apo ni Pangandaman na may duguan na 14-yr old, at nalaman nya na kaya palang mambugbog yung tatay niya ng isang bata. I’m sure traumatic para sa bata yon.”

CLAVIO: “Atty. Fallar, eh yung mga bodyguard, meron nga ba talaga?”

ATTY. FALLAR: “Wala pong bodyguard, lahat po sila naka-bakasyon.”

It seems Atty. Fallar needs to have a long talk with his clients because according to ABS-CBN, Sec. Pangandaman, Sr. confirmed Saturday that his son’s bodyguards pulled out their guns during the brawl.

Is that what you call “on vacation”?

Photo credit: Atty. Raymond Fortun

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