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Bukidnon’s Kaamulan Festival 2009 to start by February 18, 2009

The much-awaited Kaamulan Festival 2009 in Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines is set to begin on February 18 and I myself cannot wait to join in the festivities! The Kaamulan Festival is the largest festival in Bukidnon and is largely renowned as the only remaining authentic ethnic festival in the Philipines. Kaamulan is an indigenous Bukidnon term for “gathering” for any purpose. It can also mean a datuship ritual, a wedding ceremony, a thanksgiving festival during harvest time, a peace pact, or all of these together.

I was furnished a tentative schedule of activities for this year’s Kaamulan Festival celebration in the Province of Bukidnon by the Bukidnon Tourism Office and although I can say that there aren’t that many changes from previous celebrations, there are still a lot of things to look forward to.

This year’s celebration will kickoff by February 18 and will end by March 10, the very day when Bukidnon is set to celebrate its 92nd Foundation Day.

The Kaamulan Festival, which began in the year 1977, is an ethnic festivall featuring the province of Bukidnon’s seven (7) hill tribes namely Tala-andig, Higaonon, Umayamnon, Manobo, Tigwahanon, Matigsalug and Bukidnon.

Activities during the Kaamulan Festival usually include a bazaar, garden show, food fest, agri-fair, rodeo, motorcross, concerts, pamuhat (traditional exercise), ethnic songwriting workshop, ethnic dance clinic, piniliyapan (Bukidnon Dances), a much-awaited ethnic street dancing competition (Sayaw Sayaw Ta Dalan), barn dance and various other rituals which showcase the rich culture and beliefs of tribal Bukidnons. There will also be a battle of the bands this year, a concert to be produced by a large telecoms company, another concert to be sponsored by the Provincial Government of Bukidnon and Bukidnon’s very own Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, an airsoft tournament, a mountain bike tournament and a basketball tournament.

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Now, if you’re interested to travel to Bukidnon and witness the Kaamulan Festival, check out this page for details on how to get to the Province of Bukidnon.

Meanwhile, for those who miss singing the Bukidnon Hymn, here are the lyrics of this beautiful song:


Wherever I may roam
the distant land to see

I long to go back soon
to sweet Bukidnon home.

Her lovely mountains high
her forest old and grand
bring memories to me
the home I long to see.

There my heart, yearns to be
in far away, Bukidnon land
under its blue starry skies
where love and joy never die

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