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Tips in finding gifts for men

Men are not the only ones racking their brains out as to what’s the best gift for the female loved ones this Christmas season, the women are also having a hard time too!

Unlike in the past where the easiest gift to pick for men are jackets or pants, women are now challenged with the fact that men are also embarking in the modern age where there’s a lot of things to choose from.

Trend expert Vincent Gregoire gave some cool tips for women in what great gifts to give to their male loved ones. He suggested that before scrimping for gifts, women should think of practical and intelligent presents.

USB memory sticks or external hard drives. Men are becoming more tech savvy and providing them additional memory in storing files is a safe bet.

Items that would look good in his pad. You’ve checked out his place and think of an appropriate item that would complement his pad.

Cooking utensils can be an interesting gift especially if the man has an inclination to learn how to cook.


Experience vouchers. You can give him a ticket to an actual sports game depending on his preference. You can accompany him as well.

Also, titanium money clips would be great gifts for him as well. Money clips actually are timeless so you can give those to him regardless of the season. I highly suggest the nitrate finish money clips! They’re very durable and look very nice 🙂

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