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How to get your SSS number

I’m a longtime Social Security System (SSS) member but I figured I’d share these tips on how to secure your SSS number. I was at the SSS office in our area early this week because I had to get my SSS ID and found a couple of how-to tips that I hope some of you might find useful.

Here are the steps on how to secure your social security (SS) number:

  1. If you’re employed, get the SS form E-1. If you’re self-employed, secure the SS form RS-1. Get these from the Forms Issuance Counter.
  2. Fill up the form in two (2) copies.
  3. Submit the accomplished forms together with the supporting documents at the counter. The list of supporting documents can be found at the back of the form (some of the supporting documents include your original, National Statistics Office-certified birth certificate, ID pictures, passport, baptismal certificate, marriage certificate etc)
  4. Wait for the verification of your documents. If found in order, an SS number will be issued to you and the duplicate copy of your form will be given back to you.

Remember, you can only use BLACK INK in filling up the forms. You should also bring original copies of the supporting documents – these will be returned to you after verification.

The ten digit SS number that you get will be your lifetime number.

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