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Bigby’s Pork Steak, Bigby’s Cheese Caramel Cake

One of the restaurants I tend to go to whenever I’m in the City of Golden Friendship here in Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro City, of course) is Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant. Ever since they opened in Cagayan de Oro nearly ten years ago on December 8, 1998, people have raved about their appetizing food choices and of course, the size of their servings. True to its name, Bigby’s offers meals in BIG sizes and they make sure that you leave their cafe and restaurant full and contented. Actually, you may even end up bringing some of your food home because that’s how large their servings are.

So anyways I was in CDO last weekend with my mom and we decided to eat dinner at Bigby’s SM Cagayan de Oro. My mom ordered the Boomerang Shrimps meal (P219.00) and soda while I ordered the Bigby’s Pork Steak (P219.00) and raspberry iced tea (P85.00) *Photos were taken using a Motorola Krzr.

As you can see, the serving is HUGE yet the meal is, IMO, affordable.

The meat was tender and lean and was served on a sizzling plate. What I liked was that the meat was juicy and delish. The cup of rice, by the way, is already part of the P219.00 meal.

My mom was craving for dessert so she walked towards the display counter and looked at the array of cakes and pastries. When she got back to our table, she told me that she ordered the Bigby’s Cheese Caramel Cake. I haven’t tried that yet so I really didn’t know what to expect. Lo and behold, this was served to us:

The slice was so large it almost filled the entire plate!

My mom was a bit surprised, too. I told her that in Bigby’s, they don’t serve cheesecake. They serve CCCHHHEEESSSEEEE CCAAAAKKKKEEEE đŸ˜€

One serving of this caramel cheesecake is priced at P250.00. That may be a bit expensive for many but I tell you, this slice is good for 4-5 people. There’s no way only two people can finish this off! The cake tastes rich and you would really know that they didn’t scrimp on the ingredients. Pretty delish.

And yep, you guessed it right. We brought a large portion of it home.

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