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Funny Camiguin Island restaurant washroom photo

Before I finally hit the sack this chilly Sunday evening, let me share with y’all a funny photo I took the last time I was in Camiguin Island, Mindanao, Philippines. My mother, brothers and I went to Camiguin (also known as the Island Born of Fire) early this year and stayed there for 5 days.

Anyways, on our second day in the island, we decided to make a quick stop at a restaurant at the Parola area (some of the locals also call it “break water”) since we needed “baon” for our day tour. I also had to go to the washroom.

So imagine my amusement when I found this:

Plastered on the men’s washroom door, meanwhile, is a framed brief.

I remember laughing so hard that I absolutely needed to enter the women’s CR right away, lest that I end up pissing right there and then!

Some people might find this odd and crass (insulting even) but I found it amusing and pretty smart, if I may say so.

First of all, it’ll be easier for the customers. No need for them to bug the restaurant’s staff members anymore. The staff members, on the other hand, will no longer be pestered by costumers who are just too lazy to read the sign.

Second, it’s visual so unless a male has the tendency to wear white bikini thongs with pink lining, then he’d actually know that this isn’t the right door.

Third, it’s an in-your-face way of reminding you which door is for who.

Fourth, it’s a pretty effective marketing tactic. A tourist will see it, laugh her ass off, take a photo of it, post it on the Internet and blog about it (I THINK I know someone who has done the same thing hah! :D) Or it’ll be a conversation piece. Or a reminder of Camiguin Island and of all the great, fun things you did there and that you need to go back soon!

And fifth, it’s a way to remind tourists that, yes, the people of Camiguin, Mindanao have a sense of humor and that they sincerely hope that you come back and pay them a visit again.

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